Sono Wallbox

The Energy Revolution Is Here


The car that charges itself.

Solar Integration

Solar instead of paint. The solar modules are perfectly adapted to the shape of the vehicle via a brand new manufacturing process.

Easy from A to B

No key, no emissions. Pure freedom.



The design of the Sono Wallbox: A first result is available

14th September 2021 – On 2 September it was finally time for us to present to you the Sono wallbox. Now we are excited to show you the first Results of the Sono Wallbox.

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Inside Sono Motors Event

3rd September 2021 – Thursday 9 September 2021 is the day! We are so excited that, for the first time in Sono Motors’ history, we will share with you what makes us special as an employer, and distinguishes us from many other companies in the automotive industry.

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Blog Post

We’re Developing a Bidirectional Wallbox - How It Looks Is up to You

2nd September 2021 – The Sono wallbox makes it possible to use the Sion as a home storage system since it enables the Sion to deliver electricity to a building. But which applications will be possible? How expensive will it be? And what will it look like? Product manager Tillmann Laux has the answers.

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