50 Million in 50 Days. Thank you!


In 50 days we exceeded our target of 50 million euros in one of the largest community funding campaigns in Europe. We are overwhelmed and say thank you! To a great community and to investors who stand by our values.

The Campaign The Car Profit Sharing Financial Transparency State of Development
The Campaign The Car Profit Sharing Financial Transparency State of Development

Dear Supporters,

From the very first day of our journey, one principle has always served as Sono Motors' fundamental premise. It states that our highest priority must be the protection of the planet’s environment, nature and human beings. For a healthy planet and future generations.

Developing a car and disruptive technologies require high investments. Therefore we took an usual route to finance our project. During this process of numerous negotiations with investors from all over the globe, we realized that the expectations of the classical investment world and our values in fact, do not match. We faced the risk of losing our key technologies to investors, who do not share our convictions. This would have been the end of the project Sion; the end of what we have promised.

We opted for our core values and decided against selling out. We stood up for our beliefs and continued what we began. Together with people like you who believe in our mission.

We went back to where we came from. To our community. Together we have exceeded our target of 50 million euros.

As founders, we feel it is best to give something back. That is why we have decided to put our future profits into a community pool. To fight for a world in which humans take matters into their own hands and a liveable future.

Laurin, Jona and Team

“Change is always possible if we take matters into our own hands.”

Jona Christians


Two friends united by one vision: The protection of this planet’s environment, nature and human beings. Their goal? Providing sustainable mobility for everyone.


Their vision inspires people from all over the world to act and setting a sign for change. The community grows.


In order to remain faithful to their promise, the founders made a fundamental decision against the sale of Sono Motors and in favour of company's values.

“We had to take this landmark decision. Otherwise the Sion would not have been produced.”

Laurin Hahn

Time to make change happen.

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You can support us through a reservation, a loan or a donation. For other forms of financial support over 25,000 euros, please contact us via 

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  • Help to get true sustainability on the streets
  • Your donation will instantly contribute to bringing us closer to the goal

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Increase your down payment or make a new reservation.

  • Any down payment between 500 and 25,500 euros paves the way for the Sion
  • You will share in our profits

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  • Invest in Sono Motors
  • Receive interest over duration

Why 50 Million?

Now that we have reached our campaign goal of 50 million euros, we are financing our next steps: building series prototypes, commissioning tools and production facilities from our partners and testing our vehicles.

Testing & Development Components 28 %
Testing & Development Complete Vehicle 24 %
Tooling 22 %
Prototypes 15 %
Staff 5,6 %
Other Running Expenses 4 %
Homologation & Quality Management 1 %
Office Rent 0,4 %

The Campaign in Numbers

Last Update: 05/08/2020


Reservations & Down Payment Increases (8,932)


Loans (1,058)


Donations (2,336)


Payments received since 21/01/2020


Full Price Down Payments


Open cancellation requests since 01/12/2019 (17)

Spread the Word

There are many ways to support our project. For example, sharing our story with your friends and followers by using the hashtag #staysono. You too can help spread our message across the infinite space of the internet – and even further beyond.