2020 in Numbers: How Sustainable Are We as a Company?

By Julius

22nd April 2021

2020 - a year full of, let's say, surprises. We, like many companies, faced a number of challenges. We went from working in the office to working from home. Timelines were completely shaken up. New employees had their first days on the job without having met any of their new colleagues in person. But, as always, we adapted quickly to the changing circumstances and were still able to achieve important milestones. 

In our 2020 Sustainability Report, we take a retrospective look at the past year, but this time with a very specific focus. What does sustainability mean to us? How diverse is our team? What is our contribution to climate protection? Our report answers these questions, and more, for you in a clear and concise way. Enjoy the read! 

Read the report here.

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