Let's Fight Together

By Laurin

21st December 2022

Wow, the past days and weeks have blown our minds. We asked you for help and you instantly answered. We have achieved too much together to stop now. Yes, we made mistakes, we aren’t perfect but we won't give up. We are here to fight for the Sion. 

#savesion has only just begun, we still have a long way to go. Together we can get there. We stand together, we fight together. And here is why:  

We’ve Come This Far, Let’s Finish It!

Your support enabled us to push the Sion program so far. Too far to be shut down. This is what we have achieved already, possible only because of your commitment and belief:

1. We have already built a fleet of 13 full series-validation vehicles and 32 Body-in-Whites (BIW), a massive step in development. There are operating trials, test drives with the community, solar charging, bidirectional charging. Independent automotive journalists testify that the Sion already has a maturity level much higher than expected.

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You need more details? Here you go!

  • Solar charging is working. Our promised assumptions have been validated by first tests in a series set-up. Our tested increase in state-of-charge (SOC) equals 4 km (WLTP) of additional cost- and emission-free solar range per day or 28 km (WLTP) per week in the worst performing month of December, which is 20 % less than the targeted 35 km on average in December, which is in our info sheet on our website. We still need to optimize our algorithms for efficiency until series. But we are very happy with the results already.
  • Bidirectional charging: We have proved our V2V charging technology with 3-phases at 13 amperes (limited amperage during the initial testing cycles) which results in 8 kW AC bidirectional charging performance in a test, between a Sion and an unmodified series EV. Our target for series is 11 kW AC.
  • We are in an intense testing phase with vehicles around the world. Reliability and quality testing in Spain (durability, WLTP), Michigan (calibration), Sweden (NVH & thermal), Italy (crash testing), Hungary (calibration Electrical Power Steering) and Germany. Learn more about our state of development here.

2. We went public in the US on Nasdaq – one of the most regulated markets in the world and have since foundation raised more than €330m

sono motors, nasdaq, ring the bell, ceremony, stock, sev,

  • This demonstrates that we are able to raise money from investors. 
  • We just announced a €30m convertible bond, proving that even in these tough times we can raise some (but still not enough) money from investors.
  • All of this money has been invested in the Sion’s core technology & its solar technology and generated 34 patents. 

3. We built an incredible team of 418 industry experts (over 70% engineers) and became an officially certified automotive company, a so-called OEM, certified by the German authorities.

Sion, series-validation vehciles, Bertrandt, development

No one would have believed that this was possible. But it was, because we did it together. We promised you to bring the Sion on the streets, and you put your trust in us. So, let’s show the naysayers that they are wrong. Let's prove that this world is not only ruled by calculators and profits.

Instead of building more and more solutions for the 1%, let’s prove that the demand for an affordable SEV, rather than luxury SUVs, is very much wanted and called-for by the everyday person.

All About the #savesion Campaign

At the beginning of December, we launched a very ambitious crowdfunding campaign. 3,500 Sion in 50 days, which translates into €105m gross (calculated at a retail price of the Sion of €29,900 for each full down payment).

save the sion, 3,500 sion, campaign, sono motors,

What We Need to Save the Sion

  • At least €105,000,000 – the worth of 3,500 Sion full price payments. We already have over 21,000 Sion reservations. If everyone were to pay the full price for their vehicle today, this would be equivalent to €460m. If we manage to collect €105m, we can continue building the Sion. But every additional euro we receive reduces our dependence on the capital market and lowers the overall risk. The bigger the community gets and the more money it contributes, the stronger we are.
  • You can give a gift. Every euro counts.
  • Tell a friend. We will only make it, if even more people are getting involved. So tell a friend about this story. Activate your network. 

What You Get

  • A discount of up to €2,100 per car. The discount reduces over the campaign time. The sooner we reach our goal, the sooner we can order the production machinery to reduce delays of the start of production. Therefore, being quick helps us and you.

What We All Fight For

It’s not about our dream. It’s not about Sono Motors. It’s not about an electric car. It’s about proving to the world that change is both needed and wanted. That we can’t continue like this. That the everyday person has taken matters into their own hands and shown politicians, investors, policymakers and corporations what true action looks like.

It’s about a movement. A strong community of Sion supporters that has one belief. A belief that even a small group of people with a joint idea can change the status quo. That ideas and innovations like the Sion are needed in times like these. 

So let's do it. Let's continue to build our Sion. Let's take matters into our own hands. For a world without burning fossil fuels.

We are sure you have questions, so let’s get you some more answers. Here you can find our FAQ section. And in this video, our CFO Torsten outlined our finance strategy in detail. Also, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us via e-mail or to set up an appointment for a phone call. And last, but definitely not least – have you considered meeting the Sion on tour or at our Munich showroom? Then check this out. We look forward to seeing you!

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