Mobility Provider UFODRIVE Will Incorporate Sion Into Fleet

By Julius

20th January 2021

One of our central goals is to “Make Automobiles Great Again!” We have even come up with a catchy hashtag, #MAGA, that we are now trying to establish on Twitter. Okay, just kidding. All jokes aside, as a car company it is our deepest desire to make mobility more sustainable, accessible, and fair. That is why we integrate mobility services such as ride pooling and carsharing into our vehicle from the get-go to give all car owners the opportunity to share their Sion with others. 

The Sono app will offer a variety of services that you can conveniently access via your smartphone. If you are keen to know more about our digital services and how they work in real-life, we recommend reading this article on a pilot project we did a couple of months ago.

Ride pooling as part of your everyday life, saving money and helping the environment.
Ride pooling as part of your everyday life, saving money and helping the environment.

Of course, we are not the only company that wants to make sharing-on-demand accessible to more and more people. There are many great companies that have made the provision of electric vehicles their business model - and we are always very happy when opportunities arise that lead to collaborations. The latest example of such is our collaboration with the Dutch mobility company UFODRIVE, the first all-digital and all-electric car rental company.

Rebuilding Car Rental Services 

Founder and CEO Aidan McClean and his team have dedicated themselves to rebuild the process of renting cars from the ground up. Their overall goal was to create a service that would give users the smoothest experience when renting a car while at the same time relying only on electric vehicles for a variety of reasons: they are less expensive in maintenance, have a direct impact on air quality, are more quiet, and are regarded safer than combustion cars. Right now, UFODRIVE provides a variety of electric vehicles, such as the Tesla Model S, the Jaguar I-Pace or the Nissan Leaf. 

UFODRIVE fleet at the airport in Brussels.
UFODRIVE fleet at the airport in Brussels.

New electric models are added, as soon as they are released. Now, take an educated guess which vehicle will be incorporated into UFODRIVE’s fleet as soon as it is hitting Europe’s streets? Right, the Sion. 

Affordable Solar Mobility For UFODRIVE 

We are very excited to announce that UFODRIVE decided to augment its range of products with the Sion. Since more and more customers of the company are renting cars for a short commute, UFODRIVE sees a huge potential in the Sion’s ability to provide range almost free of charge and emission thanks to its unique solar integration.


CEO McClean values our new technology, stating that UFODRIVE “believes the Sion will become the first solar car to go into volume production. Its recharging capabilities will make it the ideal vehicle used for car sharing in cities.”

Our colleague Thomas Hausch, COO of Sono Motors is thrilled to kick-off such a promising collaboration with the Dutch company: “UFODRIVE and Sono Motors have the same goal: providing clean, affordable and easily shareable mobility to a new and growing group of customers: people who are defining their transportation needs by the ease of use and the carbon footprint they leave behind.” We cannot wait to take further steps towards reaching our goal! 

By the way: You can support UFODRIVE. A few weeks ago, the company launched a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Seedrs. You can find more information here.

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