NASDAQ, Whoopi, Motown: The Most Exciting US Tour Moments So Far

By Julius

20th October 2022

The Celebrate the Change tour is in full swing! We successfully crossed the pond and have now already visited three cities.

New York City, the city where none of us slept from sheer excitement and enthusiasm, Boston, the cradle of American independence, as well as many new Sion fans, and, of course, Detroit, 'the Motor City‘, to whose decades of automotive history we were privileged to add a small footnote. 

As announced, we want to keep you up to date! That’s why we have put together an exciting collection of impressions from the tour so far. 

Sion at Times Square 

One minute we're in the north of Munich, the next we're in one of the most popular places in the world. Around 50 million tourists visit New York's Times Square every year. On a normal day, about 340,000 pedestrians pass through it. Of course, we didn't get to talk to every one of them, but still, lots of people saw the Sion, marveled at it, and took a seat behind the wheel.

It was really special for us to talk to supporters who are so excited and enthusiastic despite the long distance to Germany. Check out this video to see what fascinates them about the Sion and Sono Motors.


Virtual Bell-Ringing at NASDAQ

At NASDAQ, we got the opportunity to perform something we unfortunately didn't have the chance to do during our IPO last year: the iconic Bell Ringing Ceremony. This signals the end of daily trading hours. The joint ringing is an old tradition that we were now able to celebrate due to the US tour.

At this point, we would also like to say a big thank you for the great hospitality of our partners at NASDAQ. 

Ringing the bell at NASDAQ.
Ringing the bell at NASDAQ

No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn! 

Not only Manhattan was a packed experience for us. On Tuesday, we went across the East River to Greenpoint, a well-known district of Brooklyn. There, we were able to photograph the Sion in front of what is probably the world's most famous skyline and talk to various experts at our panel discussion on how we can make mobility in growing megacities more sustainable. 

Discussing the future of sustainability in megacities.
Discussing the future of sustainability in megacities.

A huge thank you to our great panelists, from left to right: 

Exchanges like these are an important tool to broaden our horizons, to win new allies for our vision and to gain new insights in the fields of sustainability and mobility. The concept of the Sion was very well received by all participants. Professor Kevin Krizek has found words that motivate us to continue in the same way: 

"Sono Motors is pushing the boundaries of what's possible and showing people what new, avant-garde transportation could look like."

On Wednesday, a very special person paid us a visit in Brooklyn: actress, singer, author and comedy legend Whoopi Goldberg. The whole thing is really hard to put into words, so we'll best let Whoopi speak for herself.

Whoopi driving the Sion together with our COO Thomas.
Whoopi driving the Sion together with our COO Thomas.

Stop Number 2, Boston! 

The second stop on the list was Boston, the capital of the state of Massachusetts and one of the oldest and most historic cities in the US. There we were able to set up camp in the heart of the Financial District, meet more Sion fans, and inspire even more new people with our vision! 

The Sion at Boston's High Street Place Food Hall
The Sion at Boston's High Street Place Food Hall

One day later, we went straight on to the legendary "Motor City". 

Automotive History in Detroit

We knew that Detroit is a city with automotive history. But the fact that so many people there are enthusiastic about the Sion and our vision came as a bit of a surprise! The space around and in the Sion was in great demand and our entire team spent many hours talking to visitors and answering numerous questions - what a vibe!

Many new people experienced the Sion in Detroit.
Many new people experienced the Sion in Detroit.

As we speak, the Sion is already on its way to the West Coast. The fourth stop on the Celebrate the Change tour takes us to San Francisco - not only the film set for classics like Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, but also a mecca for innovation and technology. After that, we'll make a tour stop in Los Angeles and pay a visit to our partners at Sibros in San Jose. Be sure to not miss our livestream from there, where we will give you a demonstration of our digitally connected Sion. 

You can find all dates and available tickets for the other tour stops on our website. We will provide you with regular updates on our social media channels. Stay tuned and celebrate the change! 

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