Frequently Asked Questions

Your Application

You only need a few minutes to fill out the online form and send your application – provided you have your CV and a cover letter suitable for us at hand.

The form has advantages for both sides: immediate delivery and confirmation of your application as well as the best possible protection of your personal data. In addition, we save both paper, postage and time ;)

Instead of a classic cover letter, it's fine for us if you answer one of the three questions of the application form on half a page. If you would like to send some additional relevant information about yourself or your expectations of Sono Motors in a few additional sentences, please feel free to do so.

It is best to put yourself in the position of the persons who want to fill that particular position (HR and operating department): It is crucial that the most important information is presented clearly and structured so that it can be quickly grasped by the eye and understood – according to the motto: less is more!

This includes: Training, work experience, current employer, language skills incl. level, as well as the most important professional milestones or projects. 

In addition, it is important to note:

  • A picture is not necessary. If you send one with you, pay attention to a professional / likeable impression – Selfies or snapshots tend not to give you an advantage here ;)
  • Your resume should not be longer than two pages (even if you have already done a lot).
  • In addition, your application should state that you have been looking into Sono Motors and our application process.
  • Last but not least: Employment references are not so important at first, but if you want to send them, please send only the last two ones and no certificates, publications or the like.

If you want to apply and present yourself in a different, more creative or unique way than described here: Go for it! We are interested in what you really are like. And if your ways positively set you apart from others, that is definitely the impression we want to get.

If we have the capacity to process additional applications, we will place our own job online with the title "Unsolicited Application". The application process is almost the same as for all other vacancies with the following difference: In the case of an unsolicited application, a cover letter is very important that clearly describes the position / activity for which you are applying.

Of course you can. But be aware that this can create a positive impression (all-round talent) as well as a negative one (very undecided). The latter happens when the jobs you apply for are very different. In this context, it is important to know that we always check all suitable applications for alternative possible positions.

If a position is advertised full-time (40 hours per week) or part-time (20 hours per week), we plan to fill it as such. If you want to work more or less hours, please note this in your cover letter so that we can consider the possibility.

The Interview Process

You will have the first contact with the HR department via video call. This should give you and us the chance to get a first impression of each other. Therefore it is very important for us to communicate the mutual expectations of a cooperation openly, honestly and clearly from the very beginning. That's why we look forward to talking to you about topics such as corporate culture and structure, development opportunities, salary, working methods and times, as well as hobbies and passions. 

After the video interview, both sides should be sure that the mutual expectations and the framework conditions fit very well, which is why we will answer your critical questions straight away. So prepare yourself in such a way that you can be sure that after the interview you have received all the information you need to make a decision about us. Although we assume that you know who we are and what we do – we certainly do not test you for company data. We are much more interested in who you are and why you want to work for us. 

The first conversation takes place via Google Hangout Meet (video call), because it is important to us to make the first exchange as personal as possible. You can get the link for the video call via a Google calendar invitation. If you participate via your computer, simply click on the link to take part in the conversation → A Google account / E-mail is not required. If you participate via your mobile phone, please download the appropriate Google Hangouts app. 


  • Please test the link, your camera and the microphone beforehand to avoid technical problems during the interview. 
  • If you are using a Mac, a different browser than Safari is required. 
  • A stable Internet connection is of course also a prerequisite for a smooth conversation. :-)

If we would like to get to know each other better, you will meet your future manager and, if necessary, a few colleagues from the department in person in Munich. This interview will show us whether your specialist knowledge meets the requirements for the position and whether the chemistry in the team fits. 

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly which questions you can expect, as this always depends on the respective specialist area and manager. In contrast to the video call, which focuses on your personality and mutual expectations, the department is primarily concerned with finding out whether your skill set and work attitude suit us.

Our salary is determined to a large extent by factors such as education and experience, but also by your social commitments (e.g. children or nursing cases). This results in a very fair remuneration structure.

Therefore, our approach is always as follows: In the very first interview, you tell us your desired salary, which we will comment on directly with a rough assessment of whether we can meet it (or perhaps even exceed it). Should we notice that an agreement seems hopeless, now is the right time to talk openly about it and not to spend any more time getting to know each other personally. 

Because of this approach, you can't say anything wrong in the first step, because we don't rely on your negotiating skills, but on a fair and sustainable compensation structure. In order to compensate for possible cuts in your basic salary, we offer a bonus for reaching critical milestones and an Employee Participation Program.

Since we don't have an official dress code at Sono Motors, you can dress as to feel comfortable during the interview.

Further Questions

Except for working student contracts, our motto is: trust before control! That's why we don't stamp or check your working hours. This also means that you can arrange your working day to suit you and your team best. This freedom goes hand in hand with the challenge to achieve your goals on your own responsibility and to have your work-life balance under control. And this in a working environment in which there is usually more than less to do.

From time to time, home office is not a problem because we know how useful it can be to work from home occasionally.

However, we have found that communication and teamwork, as well as cross-departmental interface management work much better when the team around. Since our way of working in an industry dominated by large corporations is also very unique  and characterized by quick decision making, many short meetings and constant exchange between the teams.   Hence personal presence is particularly important to us. That's why we try to make working in our office as pleasant and beneficial as possible.

Not at the moment and it is not planned for the time being.

In applicant management, we work together with the service provider Personio (also a young company from Munich), who guarantees the security of your data. For this reason we ask you to submit your documents only via the online form. If you would like to know more about this, you can read the privacy policy in the application process carefully before clicking on it.

Our salaries are all structured the same: Fixed salary + bonus + EPP 

The bonus is paid when important company milestones are reached. This helps the company and each individual employee not lose sight of the overall goal and understand how important performance is in transforming our vision into Sono Motors' mission.  

The EPP is also easy to explain: if a profit is distributed, 10% of the sum is distributed to the employees. The amount depends on the individual length of employment, independent of position, title, etc.

Of course you can also send us your application if you are obviously over- or underqualified. However, we always coordinate the requirements for the respective positions with the relevant departments and search for exactly these qualifications.