Technical Editor (m,w,x) for development projects and prototypes

Permanent Employment, Full-time · München

Your Tasks

  • Development, planning, creation of external and internal information products from motor vehicle development and prototype construction projects in compliance with laws, standards and target groups.
  • Independent editorial work in its entire range from research, planning, creation, publication to archiving and incorporation of changes.
This includes the following tasks
  • Project documentation and deadline management for the required information products across the entire product and information life cycle.
  • Participation in project meetings, change meetings, demonstrations, etc.
  • Independent coordination of contents and requirements with the responsible contact persons, suppliers and their supplier documentation
  • Exploration, collection, verification of existing documentation from development, suppliers and service providers
  • Requesting, driving of any outstanding information, data and documents
  • Research and editorial preparation of content from specifications, construction documents (CATIA, PDM Composer), existing documentation
  • Planning and generation of document structures, modules, visualisations Recording and editing in our editorial system CMDS-, TLM-ONTOLIS including version and variant management 
  • Independent implementation and organisation of correction runs Incorporation of corrections 
  •  Commissioning of proofreading and incorporation of proofread content
  • Translation management (selection, organisation, commissioning and communication with translation service providers)
  • Organisation of the printing incl. commissioning and coordination with theprintersPublication in various output media (multimedia publishing)Follow-up of publications (market observation, feedback-management, CIP)Archiving

Our Requirements

  • Successfully completed qualification as a "technical editor" (degree or further training)
  • Confident in the use of common IT tools for the editing, creation and publication of information products (CMS, CMP, MMP, DTP, Adobe, MS-Office etc.) 
  • User knowledge in dealing with CAD systems and image-processing EDP-systems 
  • If possible, professional experience in the field of technical documentation andediting
  • Good knowledge of German and English, both written and spoken
  • Efficient, structured and team-oriented way of working
  • Technical background and knowledge of automotive technology is a plus 

What to expect

  • A visionary, courageous team, motivated to make solar integration into vehicles a big thing
  • A very dynamic company where missing structures or processes are met with creative ideas and a lot of creative energy.
  • A learning culture characterized by transparency and values where it is allowed to make mistakes, ask any question and look for ways to improve for the customer, the team and yourself.
  • Flexible work hours and workplace choices that allow for staying healthy during the Corona pandemic.
  • A no-print policy, sustainably produced coffee, a vegan catering service, and more. 


For you to consider before applying our job offer: In a small company organized the way we are, the traditional employer-employee relationship is replaced with a partnership. You cannot expect the same service, support, and infrastructure as you would in a large organization. Things you miss might need to be initiated and created by you. You are regarded as someone who is really important in terms of how our company is doing, not just as someone who comes in and does their job. You will have more responsibility for the whole picture, and you will also be able to have a greater impact than in a larger organization. You will feel a bit more insecure than you might in a larger organization. How the company is doing financially has a more direct correlation to your employment. The owners will work together with you, but they will not manage the company - you and your colleagues will. You will be required to contribute and take initiative. You will have to adapt to the fact that not everything will be in place, taken care of or running perfectly. To work in this way open and straightforward communication is essential. This is a strong part of our culture.