Ready for Change? 

We went stateside for our Celebrate the Change tour - sustainable solutions for global challenges.

Three Weeks, Five Cities, Our US Tour

Learn all about our trip to the United States.

Welcome Back, Neptune

In the meantime, our tour team and our series validation vehicle "Neptune" have arrived safely back home. The last weeks in the USA were overwhelming in many ways. Here is a short review of the impressions and experiences of the trip.

Highlights from New York, Boston & Detroit

What a great start to our Celebrate the Change tour! It's hard for us to put the experiences of the last few days into words. We tried anyway and summarized the tour’s previous highlights in this blog post.

You Want to Know When the Sion Is Available in the US?

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Why Did We Go Across the Pond?

Our mission, ‘solar on every vehicle’ must be a global effort. We cannot combat climate change in Germany alone. We feel that it is the perfect time to personally connect with people contributing to a global climate-friendly future around the world. We took this opportunity to make lasting and foundational relationships with thought leaders, green projects, founders of Greentech companies, media, investors, and interested persons, amongst others. We summarized everything you need to know and the reasons for this tour in the dedicated blog post here.

A Trip to Remember!

We collected the highlights of our exciting 3 weeks on tour in this recap video.

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