Frequently Asked Questions

We represent a new entrepreneurial spirit that sees itself as responsible towards society and remains committed to its own values. Together, with you, we will bring the Sion onto the streets and make a difference. The down payment every Sion reservation holder makes contributes significantly to our common goal. Sono Points are intended to provide their owners with the potential to share in future financial benefits enjoyed by our founders. Currently 1 Sono Point is awarded for full price down payments on a Sion.

The amount of points is significantly influenced by your deposit amount:

  • From 21/01/2020: 1 Sono Point with full price down payment
  • For all reservations before 01/12/2019: at least 1 Sono Point automatically, in addition to:
  • deposit of €9,000: 1 Sono Point
  • deposit of €16,000: 2 Sono Points
  • deposit of €25,500: 3 Sono Points
  • Exclusive bonus for the first 500 full price customers: a total of 4 Sono Points

No, there is no personal liability through Sono Points. Specifically, Sono Points are so-called "profit participation rights", which do not contain any liability characteristics for you personally. You have no financial obligation at all. However, it is to be assumed that in the event of a profit distribution, taxes may be payable on said profits.

No, you receive the Sono Points (profit participation rights) as a personal thank you for your reservation are yours and are therefore bound to you as a person and cannot be traded. If you cancel your reservation before commencement of production, your Sono points will be forfeited.

Going public does not fundamentally change anything regarding Sono Points.