Frequently Asked Questions

As the owner of at least one Sono Point, you are entitled to receive future dividends. This is the case, for example, with dividend payments, an IPO or the sale of a company. The more Sono Points you hold, the greater your share of the total pool and therefore your potential payout. Put simply, as soon as Sono Motors makes a profit and distributes it to its shareholders in the form of dividends, the community receives all the money (after tax) that would be due to the founders.

The amount of the points is significantly influenced by your deposit amount:

  • For all reservations before 01/12/2019: automatically at least 1 Sono Point, in addition:
  • 9.000 € deposit amount: 1 Sono Points
  • 16.000 € deposit: total 2 Sono Points
  • 25.500 € deposit: total 3 Sono Points
  • Exclusive bonus for the first 500 full price customers: a total of 4 Sono Points
  • From 21/01/2020: 1 Sono Point with full price down payment

No, there is no personal liability through the Sono Points. Specifically, the Sono Points are so called "profit participation rights", which do not contain any liability characteristics for you personally. You have no financial obligations at all. However, it is to be assumed that in the event of a profit distribution, taxes may be payable on the profits.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to provide tax advice. However, it is likely that in the event of a distribution of profits, taxes may be payable on the profits. In concrete terms, this means that only if you receive money from us will you possibly have to pay taxes. However, please clarify this in detail with your tax advisor.

Yes, the financing of Sono Motors is not affected by the issue of the profit participation rights, which are privately owned by the founders. Usually, new shares are created with each new round of financing – a so-called capital increase. The capital increase "dilutes" the shares of all previous shareholders. However, this capital increase is possible independently of the profit subscription rights that go to the community. This means that the profit subscription rights transferred will also "dilute", i.e. their percentage share of later distributions will be smaller. However, as a rule, the financial resources of the company improve with each further round of financing. This increases the chances of faster implementation of our corporate strategy, which then also makes distributions from profit subscription rights more likely.

No, the Sono Points (profit participation rights) you receive as a personal thank-you for your reservation. They are therefore bound to you as a person and cannot be traded.

As a thank-you to the community, our founding team has given its current 64.07% of available profit participation rights to a Community Pool from which so-called "Sono Points" are awarded. The Community Pool thus corresponds to a theoretical value of 64.07% of the company’s value deducting any taxes and costs incurred. Based on the post-money company valuation in the context of the last capital increase from January 2019, the Community Pool would have a value before taxes and costs of around 70 million euros. Depending on the amount of your Sono Points you can derive a theoretical value of your Sono Points. You can view your current score in your Sono Account. In order to make your Sono Points legally binding, we will send you a corresponding contract in early March 2020.