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Merely installing an artificial air filter in the Sion wasn’t enough for us, so we developed the breSono system. We’ve integrated Island moss into the dashboard and center console to complement the artificial air filter. breSono is not only the innovative design highlight of the vehicle's interior, it is also the natural air filter system of the Sion. This means that it continuously improves the interior air quality while having a positive influence on the car’s interior humidity. When testing the efficiency of the moss, we found that it filters up to 20% of particulate matter out of the air. Since the moss no longer has an enzymatic reaction when in this condition, you don’t even need to take any special care of it.The moss is also easy to replace during a regular filter change. We’ve tested the moss over a period of several years and couldn’t find any noticeable changes. The colour of the Island Moss stays highly consistent and retains its natural appearance throughout the years. Thanks to a special bleaching process, water is extracted and the microstructure that acts as a filter and controls humidity remains intact. This process also protects the moss against discolouration from external influences such as mould. In essence, breSono has the same properties as a sponge that controls humidity in that it either extracts it from the air or adds it to the air.

No, the moss has been specially treated so that it’s no longer a living thing. Despite this, it still maintains its positive features for filtering out particulate matter and regulating humidity.

It works in connection with an ordinary air filter and should be replaced at the same time the filter is.

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