Financial Transparency

What it Takes to Build up an Automotive Company

We knew that securing the financial basis is always a challenge for a sustainable and socially responsible start-up like us. We invest enthusiasm, strength and all resources in the completion of the Sion. We have already achieved a lot. A large part of it with our community. Your trust deserves our transparency and openness. In all areas.

It Takes Full Commitment

With a 74 percent stake in the company, the founding team still holds the majority of Sono Motors. The founders' voting rights are particularly important when it comes to maintaining and implementing the company's goals and values. By the way, this also applies to the promises made to our supporters, which helped us to this company. As a thank you, the founders have transferred their available profit participation rights into a community pool after the successful completion of our community funding campaign.

Founders 64,1 %
Family Office 8,9 %
Family Office 5,6 %
Family Office 5,2 %
Entrepreneur 4,1 %
Seedrs Nominees Ltd. 3,6 %
Friends, Family & Management 3,3 %
Family Office 3,3 %
Impact Venture Capital 1,8 %

You Cannot do it Without Fighting Spirit

For a young and innovative company with high capital requirements and a sustainable business model at the same time, financing in the German market environment is a real challenge. International investors were therefore at the heart of our financing strategy. Asia, America, Europe - we have spoken with a wide variety of investors and conducted many negotiations. To find investors who stand behind our goal of future-friendly and climate-friendly mobility and honestly believe in our vision. Just like our supporters.

Venture Capital 36,8 %
Family Offices 17,3 %
Corporate Venture Capital 14,2 %
Strategic Investors 11,2 %
Lighthouse 7,9 %
Advisor 6,3 %
Banks 2,6 %
Business Angels 1,8 %
Impact Venture Capital 1,1 %
Asset Manager 0,8 %

We Need those who Share our Belief

If we had only relied on traditional financing methods, we would probably not exist in the present form.

It all started with our first crowdfunding campaign and with you. This and the support of our business angels made the development of the first prototypes possible. A big step for us. Since then our community has been developing and growing and growing and growing. This is good for the Sion and for the environment.

Capital Raised
All Numbers in Million €

Resources. Sensibly Invested.

Money? We Spend it Wisely.

For us, your support is not a matter of course. The responsible handling of the money made available to us, however, is! That is why the largest share, namely 60 percent, went into the development of the Sion and its innovative technologies. Of course, all this can only be done with the right team: we have invested 23 percent in our international team of experts, which has been working every day since 2016 with commitment and enthusiasm to bring the Sion to the road for you. And marketing? We do it ourselves. No expensive agencies, no glossy advertising. We prefer to talk to you. Directly. We have invested only two percent of our money in marketing.

Development, Testing & Industrialization of the Sion 60 %
Staff 23 %
Others (e.g. Legal Advice, Travel Expenses, Insurances) 13 %
Office Rent 2 %
Marketing 2 %

50 Million. 50 Days. One Goal.

New Ways of Financing

With our call for community funding and our campaign target of 50 million euros, we are now financing our next steps: the construction of series prototypes, with which we will again offer test drives, the commissioning of tools and production facilities at our partners and the testing of our vehicles.

Testing & Development Components 28 %
Testing & Development Complete Vehicle 24 %
Tooling 22 %
Prototypes 15 %
Staff 5,6 %
Other Running Expenses 4 %
Homologation & Quality Management 1 %
Office Rent 0,4 %

And After That? Together on the Finishing Straight.

Further Financing Strategy

After reaching the campaign target of 50 million euros, we still need 205 million euros before the start of production. Of this amount, around 70 million euros will be debt capital, i.e. from banks, subsidies or private lenders. This is how we are planning to finance the equipment required for production and it will thus already cover more than a third of the capital requirements by the time production starts. With the series prototypes, we will continue our test drives, which have already resulted in more than 10,000 reservations. This is an essential part of the financing strategy via equity. Every day we receive many inquiries from interested people who can hardly wait to take a first test drive with the Sion.

Debt 34 %
Equity 66 %

Total Costs Until Start of Production

The largest percentage of these financial means needed until the start of production goes into production itself (75.2 M euros), ordering and manufacturing the required tools (64.6 M euros) and validation and development of the entire vehicle (49.1 M euros). In general, we can keep the costs for the overall development low because, for example, instead of building our own plant, we rely on the existing production facilities and the expertise of our production partner. The solar cells of the Sion are integrated directly into a layer of polymer. Therefore we can completely dispense expensive stamping tools and a paintshop.

Production (Suppliers, Body Construction, Final Assembly) 75,2
Testing & Development Complete Vehicle 49,1
Testing & Development Components 39,4
Tooling 64,6
Operational Expenses (Salary, Office Rent, Marketing, Others) 20,3
Homologation & Quality 6,2
All Numbers in Million €

Environmental Protection Through Climate-Friendly Mobility

Resource conservation is our top priority. In everything we do and always with the environment in mind. We build a car. With such a project a complete avoidance of CO2 is unfortunately not possible. Therefore, all greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided or reduced along the supply chain and during production of the Sion are fully offset. According to projections, based on current data, the CO2 footprint of the Sion would amount to about 12 tons. Of this, 6 tons of CO2 emissions are accounted by the battery.

This compensation is of course a cost factor, but for us it is a commitment and a responsibility. Because the objective of protecting the environment is already set out in paragraph 3 of the founding treaty of Sono Motors.

CO2 Footprint of the Sion
CO2 Footprint of the Battery

Smart Logistics. A Short Supply Chain.

What else do we do? In order to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible, we will produce with 100 percent green electricity and rely on the shortest possible CO2-optimized supply chain. That's why we focus on partners which are located close to us. The largest part of our value chain is located in Germany and Europe. Good working conditions, high social standards and climate protection have priority for us. 65 percent of our main suppliers come from Germany.

Germany: 31 Suppliers and 65,5 % of Costs
Italy: 4 Suppliers and 8,6 % of Costs
Norway: 1 Supplier and 4,5 % of Costs
Turkey: 4 Suppliers and 4,2 % of Costs
Spain: 4 Suppliers and 2,7 % of Costs
Sweden: 1 Supplier and 2,5 % of Costs
France: 1 Supplier and 0,5 % of Costs
Finland: 1 Supplier and 0,1 % of Costs
Switzerland: 1 Supplier and 0,1 % of Costs

How Can We Achieve this? Only Together.

More than 13,000 People. One Goal.

To this day, thousands of people have accompanied us. More than 13,000 people have already preordered a Sion. Only with your support could we get here. You believe in Sono Motors and actively contribute to changing mobility. With the Sion. You are the drivers of change. You are part of the solution. Together we can move mountains. Are you with us?

Geographic Distribution of the Reservations in Europe