Sono Motors at CES 2021

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CES Spotlight Session: Trailblazing Mobility: Solar EV of the Future

Sono Motors is set to revolutionize electric mobility with the development of the first solar electric vehicle for the masses – the Sion. Sono Motors’ proprietary Solar technology is powering the transition to a sustainable future. Join Sono Motors’ founders and experts in a revealing discussion on how they are set to pave the way for electric mobility and witness a unique unveiling of their innovative solar technology.

Powered by the Sun and Community: The Solar EV You Can Own in the Future

We want to bring the Sion to the US streets in the future.

We are set to develop the first solar electric vehicle for the masses – the Sion. The Sion blends disruptive technology with affordability to enable individual contribution to global sustainability, and is on pace to pave the way to do what the original VW Beetle did to the automotive industry in the 1930's. Led by our vision of a world without fossil fuels, Sono Motors has been propelled by community support to become a leading solar EV developer.

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Sono Motors – From a Garage to a Global Vision

Like all great ideas, Sono Motors started in a garage and grew. We believe in a world without fossil fuels in which every car is electric and shared. This is how we want to make it possible.

The Sion – Set to Be the First Affordable Solar EV

We are developing a forward-looking electric car that charges itself. 248 integrated solar cells make it possible to harvest energy from the Sun.

Sono Solar – Curved Solar Cells Instead of Paint

With our innovative technology, we want to create new possibilities for transportation. Through a unique, patented production process, our solar modules are precisely adapted to fit the unique shape of our vehicles.

Disrupting Mobility For A Better Future

Every day there is a chance to make a change. Now, it is our chance and we plan to seize it – by making a world where every car is electric and shared.

Sono Insights Live – Journey of 2020

Watch the subtitled recording of our YouTube event on December 10th, 2020!

Our Journey in 2020

A lot has happened in the past eleven months: the funding campaign, the corona pandemic, the development of the prototypes, many new and exciting partnerships; let's talk about that. Join us on our journey!