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“Our aim is to build a value-based company and put the Sion on the road – however not for personal gain. If together we reach our campaign goal of 50 million, we'll give all of our profit entitlements to the reservation holders of the Sion.”

Navina, Jona and Laurin

The Sono Points

We stand for a new entrepreneurial spirit that sees itself as responsible towards society and remains committed to its own values. Together with you we will bring the Sion onto the streets and make a difference. With a down payment every Sion reservation holder makes a significant contribution to our common goal. As a thank-you, our founders have therefore given their entire profit participation rights, currently 64.07%, to a Community Pool from which “Sono Points” are awarded.

The Value of Sono Points

The Community Pool corresponds to a theoretical value of 64.07 percent of the company value, deducting any taxes and costs incurred. Based on the company valuation in the context of the last capital increase from January 2019, the Community Pool would have a value of approximately 70 million euros before taxes and costs. In concrete terms, this means that all reservation holders of a Sion will participate in future profits of Sono Motors. All reservation holders participating in the Community Pool will be offered a corresponding contract, accordingly. If Sono Motors decides to go public (partial sale by founders is possible) or is sold, you will receive a share of the sales proceeds according to your Sono Points.

The Formula

Without numerous supporters such a project cannot function. The amount of your share in the total pool varies depending on the number of supporters. So if a large number of community members participate, your relative share will decrease; the higher the number of community members, the greater the positive influence of community funding on the overall company value. At the start of the campaign on 01/12/2019 11,641 Sono Points were in the Community Pool. After we received the payments, the score will be announced again.

Sono Motors will become the first car manufacturer to be supported by a community and the community of reservation holders will share in the company's profits.

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Anyone who made a reservation through our website before 01.12.2019 will automatically receive a "Sono Point". The Sono Points are firmly tied to you as a person and cannot be traded. If you cancel or withdraw from your reservation, or if you cancel or withdraw from the purchase contract based on your reservation, your Sono Points will be forfeited.