Referral Program

Terms and Conditions

The Sono Motors Referral Program is offered by Sono Motors GmbH (hereafter "Sono Motors") and allows individuals who have reserved a Sion (hereafter "reserver") to earn discount points by referring other Sion reservers. By participating in the Sono Motors referral program, the following terms and conditions are accepted.

1. The Code

Anyone who has reserved a Sion can generate his individual referral code at The code is personalized and consists of the first name of the reserver and a combination of numbers (e.g. sandro923262). This means that a person is assigned only to one code at a time, regardless of how many Sion he or she reserves.

A reserver can pass this code on to an indefinite number of third persons. These persons now have the possibility to enter the referral code at when making a future reservation. After entering the code and completing the reservation, the discount points will be credited. Each code can be used indefinitely.

In the event that a reserver cancels his reservation within the 14-day right of withdrawal and he no longer holds any other reservations, the code of this reserver ceases to be valid.

In the event that a new reserver makes use of his 14-day right of withdrawal and cancels his reservation, the reserver who issued the code used for this purpose loses his discount points.

2. The Discounts

In the case of a completed reservation by using the code, both the code holder and the person who used the code during the reservation will receive a discount point. One discount point corresponds to one percent (1%) discount on the purchase price of the Sion. The purchase price shown here is the gross price of the Sion basic price (€16,000), excluding the battery.

It is possible to combine several discount points. This means that if the code is used by more than one person, the code holder will automatically receive one discount point for each entry.

Discount points cannot be disbursed. In the event that a reserver accumulates more than one hundred discount points, the one hundred and first discount point will be granted only upon completion of a second reservation, etc.

If the number of discount points purchased exceeds the remaining purchase price, Sono Motors will save the excess discount points. These can be redeemed for other services offered by Sono Motors.

Discount points are not transferable.

When acting as a sales tax entrepreneur, an obligation to pay sales tax on the referral service may arise.

3. The Duration

The Sono Motors referral program is initially running indefinitely. Sono Motors reserves the right to pause or terminate the Sono Motors referral program at any time without notice. 

4. Data Protection

No data will be collected which has not already been collected through the reservation made. Please refer to the privacy policy at

In case the code is used, the person who issued the code will receive a confirmation email in which he/she is informed that a discount point has been credited. This mail cannot be unsubscribed and will only contain the first name of the person who used the code.

5. The Rules of the Game

The Sono Motors referral program is created with the intention of "in good faith". This means that Sono Motors reserves the right to withdraw discount points and codes if users appear to be violating or abusing this intent. Specifically, this means that no distribution, no mass mailing, no spam and no commercial offering of codes will be allowed. However, it is okay to share the codes on YouTube channels, on fan websites or in other social media. Sono Motors cannot foresee every possible scenario and therefore the discount campaign must be launched with this proviso. 

We trust in your integrity and promise to be fair and reasonable in return.