Powered by the Sun

An average of 5,800 km per year of additional range through pure solar energy. 

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

In just one hour, the sun provides enough energy to power the entire world population for a year. Solar power is one of the cheapest and most sustainable energy sources in the world. We are convinced that solar technology also has great potential for use in mobility.

Range for Free

Imagine that your car could drive up to 5,800 km for free. Every single year. Great deal, right? Don’t you think that would be one of the best-selling combustion engine vehicles in the world?

That is exactly what the Sion can do. In addition to its battery range of up to 305 km, the Sion with its 456 half-cells can gain an average of 5,800 km per year (under regular conditions in Munich) of additional range purely through solar energy. Full self-sufficiency on short distances. Well, solar on vehicles makes sense!

Innovative Solar Integration

Our injection molding process enables seamless integration of the monocrystalline IBC solar cells into the body parts. The solar panels are protected from external influences by the special polymer coating and have high resistance. In addition, the weight of the solar modules is reduced by more than 50% compared to conventional glass modules. The material and the solar cell technology ensures maximum efficiency and a higher yield for small areas.

Sunny Europe

In Europe we have many countries with many hours of sunshine. France, Spain, Italy, Greece are just a few examples. This means at the same time, many free kilometers per year and a more climate friendly mobility. The Sion can charge solar energy while parked and while driving. And even on cloudy days, the monocrystalline silicon cells can produce energy when the sky is cloudy and in the shade. The solar range of the Sion per week in Munich as an example.

Solar Self-Sufficiency

Compared to a conventional home storage system, the Sion's battery is huge (54 kWh). It can store up to 10 times more energy. You can store surplus energy from the PV system in the vehicle to supply your home. This turns your car into a decentralized energy storage unit that you can access whenever you want. In short: a home storage system on wheels.

Sun Always in View

The Sion's smart software shows in real time how much solar energy is currently being generated or consumed. Daily, weekly or monthly statistics are also calculated and displayed. You can easily follow live via the infotainment which solar panels are generating how many watts.

Weather Forecast 2.0

Even though yields are not as high in the winter, summertime provides even more excitement. The more SEVs (Solar Electric Vehicles) the future holds, the more we all look forward to the weather reports. After all, the outlook then means - Free kilometers every day.

In the last few weeks, several thousand supporters have made this campaign already one of the biggest worldwide. Sending a clear signal that climate-friendly innovation in Europe is needed and wanted. We need you to act.

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