Sono Motors on the Stock Exchange

It is our mission to accelerate the transition towards sustainable mobility by making every vehicle solar. In order to achieve this, and secure the funding needed to bring our first solar electric vehicle Sion to the streets, we are now a public listed company.

From a Garage to the Stock Market

It all started with an idea in a garage in Munich, Germany. An idea that would never have come to life if it hadn’t been for more and more people recognizing its exceptional potential. Through an initial crowdfunding campaign, we were able to raise our first funds with the support of our early Community members. In 2019 we did it again, but bigger - support came from the Community in the phenomenal form of over 50 million euros in payment commitments. This would soon become the largest crowdfunding campaign in Europe. This effort attracted renowned European institutional investors, such as Swedbank and DNCA, to invest 45 million euros in 2020. The logical next step now is a public listing. Being a company owned by and supported by many. Next level crowd-investing, so to speak.

Going Public as a Communtity-Driven Company

Will the IPO change anything for the community? The question is certainly justified! We would like to make it clear that we will continue to involve you, our Community, and keep our promise of transparency. Therefore, nothing will change for you in our mutual communication and we are happy to go this way together with you. In the course of this we have also created an area where we have made you visible on our website. Take a look and see what you say about us and what we have achieved together with you so far.

Profit Sharing

Our founders represent a new entrepreneurial spirit that sees itself as responsible towards society, nature and our environment. In 2019, our founders committed the profits from the the vast majority of their shares to the Community, including future dividends and capital gains.

8 Most Pressing Questions

Our Community Advisory Board member Sebastian Böttger asks our CFO Torsten Kiedel the Community's 8 most frequently asked questions. Read more in our blog post and get all the insights about this transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions


You can support us by reserving a Sion. If you've already done this, you can of course also increase your deposit. You can also support us by spreading the word. Maybe someone you know could also be interested in a Sion?

We decided to go public in the U.S. because this market offers great growth opportunities for us. In addition, investors in the U.S. are very interested in technology companies, which was also a decisive reason for us.

Our founders Laurin, Jona and Navina will remain in possession of the majority of the voting rights and therefore comprise the main influence on Sono Motors. Anyone who invests in our company will be doing so with full knowledge of who we are as a company, our mission and our values.

The IPO will help us to put the Sion on the road and thus pave the way for climate-friendly mobility. You can find all the latest information on our IPO on our website.

Sono Motors' stock is tradable on NASDAQ. Some brokers and banks also allow the share to be traded in Germany. In principle, we can be found under the ticker "SEV".

Profit Sharing

We represent a new entrepreneurial spirit that sees itself as responsible towards society and remains committed to its own values. Together, with you, we will bring the Sion onto the streets and make a difference. The down payment every Sion reservation holder makes contributes significantly to our common goal. Sono Points are intended to provide their owners with the potential to share in future financial benefits enjoyed by our founders. Currently 1 Sono Point is awarded for full price down payments on a Sion.

Since 21/01/2020: 1 Sono Point with full price down payment

No, there is no personal liability through Sono Points. Specifically, Sono Points are so-called "profit participation rights", which do not contain any liability characteristics for you personally. You have no financial obligation at all. However, it is to be assumed that in the event of a profit distribution, taxes may be payable on said profits.

No, you receive the Sono Points (profit participation rights) as a personal thank you for your reservation are yours and are therefore bound to you as a person and cannot be traded. If you cancel your reservation before commencement of production, your Sono points will be forfeited.

Going public does not fundamentally change anything regarding Sono Points.


Since the launch of our Community Funding Campaign, we have stopped the referral program. All granted discounts will remain valid.

Increase Down Payment

You can increase your down payment in your personal Sono Account. Please enter the email address that you used when you made the reservation. Immediately after, you will receive an email from us with which you can log in. Should you have not received an email, please also check your spam folder and verify that the spelling of your email address was correct.

Become A Pioneer

We believe in mobility free from fossil fuels. It is our mission to accelerate the transition towards sustainable mobility by making every vehicle solar. That’s why we develop the Sion. The innovative SEV (solar electric vechicle), significantly enabled by those who believe in us.