International Energy Agency, 2020

Mobility Powered by the Sun

The potential of solar is huge. In line with our mission of making every vehicle solar, we are developing innovative solar technology for transport & logistics. What does that mean? See for yourself!

From Cell to Fully Integrated Solar

  • Vehicle integrated photovoltaic (ViPV) – light, robust and cost-efficient.
  • Power electronics – intelligent solar electronics providing CAN and BMS communications.
  • Hardware integration – full installation of solar components.
  • Software – telematics and software utilizing solar data to optimize energy yields.
  • Aftermarket – ViPV diagnostics, technical documentation and more.

Cell Integration

Our core technology is a patended solar assembly process.

Cell Pre-Assembly

Special pre-assembly of solar cells to protect them from high-temperature and high-pressure processes.

Polymere Injection Molding

Adapted injection molding process to allow integration of solar cells without breaking.

Solar Body Panel

Seamless integration of solar cells into body panels.

What Are Our Advantages?

Technological edge over competitors.

* In total (including same patents filed in different jurisdictions), 4 patents granted, 26 patents or patent/utility model applications filed as of September 27, 2022.

Intelligent Power Electronics

Our intelligent solar electronics provide CAN as well as BMS communications and are capable of high voltage and multichannel distribution.

Solar Data Software

Our software unlocks the full value proposition

Live Data Visualization

  • Access precise data that is updated once a day
  • Track and check historic data on the unit as well as in the cloud
  • Easily scalable to any solution
Image shows B2B software dashboard.

Our Path to Make Every Vehicle Solar

Transforming the global transport sector by making vehicles more efficient and climate-friendly.


Solar integration for 12-meter buses to feed energy into auxiliary systems, e.g. HVAC or as a range extender for e-buses. 

  • up to 7.7 kWh energy yields per day for a 12 m electric bus*
  • save up to 1,500 litres of diesel for a 12 m diesel bus with our Solar Bus Kit**
Information Sheet

Refrigerated Vehicles

Solar integration for reefer trucks and large trailers (13+ meters) to feed energy to a refrigeration system*. Solar integration on roof and sides for a reefer truck:

  • up to 82 kWh per day for a truck with a solar integrated trailer**
  • cover up to 50% of the yearly energy demand with solar***
Information Sheet

Electric Transporters

Solar integration for electric transporters to charge the vehicle’s main battery including full E/E integration. Solar integration on the roof and sides of vehicles:

  • up to 23.4 kWh / day for an electric cargo box van sides & roof*
  • potential independence from charging infrastructure
Information Sheet
*Installation on roof and shoulders, yearly average.
**Based on internal calculations.
***Energy demand defines the energy [kWh] needed to run the refrigeration unit of the truck for one day. At peak conditions up to 100% of this energy demand can be reached. The yearly average of energy earnings is approx 50% of the energy demand.

Solar Bus Kit

Scalable Solar Retrofit for Diesel Buses

  • Potential return on invesment: ~3-4 years,
  • Saves up to 1,500 liters of diesel per year*
  • Saves up to 4 tonnes of CO2 per year*
*Depending on days in operation and fuel prices