Driving Electric 
Until Your Sion Arrives

With the start of our campaign on December 1 2019, we also had to announce that the Sion will come later than planned. Since then a wave of sympathy and support has reached us for which we are incredibly grateful. From the conversations we have had with you since then, we know that many will soon need a car to bridge the time until their Sion arrives. We have listened, looked for a solution and found a way.

Climate Friendly Driving

We stand for climate-friendly mobility. To live up to this principle today, we want to give you a possibility to drive electrically from now on – while waiting for your Sion. We would like to offer this opportunity to all early supporters of Sono Motors who have reserved a Sion before or during our successfully completed Community Funding Campaign. In this way, we can already realize a part of our vision together with you – to get electric mobility on the road as quickly as possible.

Your Interim Solution

From now on we want to offer you the opportunity to drive an electric car. Since no other electric vehicle has the unique features of the Sion, we focused primarily on the price-performance ratio when selecting the offer and chose the Renault ZOE. If you decide for this offer and maintain your reservation, you will keep your right to your Sono Points and all your previous discounts on a Sion. The deposit paid on your Sion at the time of reservation will be proportionally transferred to our bridging offer and will be deducted from your deposit on the Sion.

This Is How It Works

  1. Register for the offer in your Sono Account and tell us the month in which you would like to order your bridging vehicle from Renault. Choose the deposit amount you wish to transfer from your Sion reservation to the Renault ZOE and order your participation code.
  2. Your request will be checked and we will inform you by email if the vehicle contingent is available in your desired month.
  3. In the next step, in due time you will receive a code that identifies you to Renault as a participant in our program.
  4. With this participation code you can order your ZOE from one of the 13 participating Renault dealerships, select your desired financing model and agree on an exact delivery date. We will take care of crediting your deposit to the ZOE offer from Renault.
  5. Depending on whether you finance or lease the vehicle, you simply return it to Renault or decide for yourself what you want to do with your bridging vehicle.

And Then Your Sion Arrives

The first Sion are scheduled to roll off the production line in Trollhättan in September 2021. These vehicles are mainly used for type approval and process assurance in production. Delivery is then expected to start at the beginning of 2022, and as one of our early supporters you will be among the first to drive a Solar Electric Vehicle. We are looking forward to it with you!

The 13 Dealerships

During February selected Renault dealerships throughout Germany will be available for ordering your transitional vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

This bridging solution is available to supporters who have reserved a Sion during the campaign or before and who wish to drive electrically until their Sion is delivered. Please note that the transitional vehicle can only be ordered from selected Renault branches in Germany.

For all those who have reserved a Sion before 21 January 2020, there is an offer to bridge the waiting period until the Sion is delivered with an electric car. With the Renault ZOE in the version Intens, you get this model at special conditions. You can choose between a financing offer (with battery renting) or a leasing offer (with battery renting). Your deposit for the Sion will be deducted from the offer, depending on which deposit option (500, 1,000, 2,000 and 4,000 euros) you choose. Your waiting list number for the Sion or a discount on the Sion price granted to you will remain as long as you maintain your reservation.

First, register for the offer in your Sono Account and let us know which month you would like to order your Renault ZOE. Your request will be checked and we will inform you by email if the vehicle contingent is available in your preferred month. In due time you will receive a code from us by email which identifies you as a participant in our program. With this participation code you can order your transition vehicle at one of the participating Renault branches. There you can also select your preferred financing or leasing option.

You have already deposited money for your Sion. Therefore we wanted to avoid that you have to make another deposit when you accept our temporary solution. We have already agreed on a discount with Renault to which we can add your deposit. For information on the financing or leasing rates for each down payment option, please contact one of the 13 participating Renault dealerships. Our factsheet gives you a non-binding overview with a specific configuration.

The leasing and financing offer from Renault is only valid for reservation holders with residence in Germany. Orders for your transition vehicle can only be placed with the participating Renault branches.

Provided that you maintain your Sion reservation when you use the ZOE offer, you will of course retain your entitlement to your points and also your waiting list number for the Sion. If you cancel your Sion reservation, all of your discounts granted to date will be forfeited, as will your entitlement to profit sharing and your waiting list number.