This Is What We Have Achieved

From a Garage to a Global Vision

Accelerating the revolution of mobility by making every vehicle solar - that's the mission we've pursued from a small garage to powerful crowdfunding campaigns all the way to the U.S. stock market. For a world without fossil fuels.

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How It Started

  1. Built a pre-prototype in a garage
  2. Raised €800,000 in our first crowdfunding campaign
  3. First generation of prototypes, 13,000 test drives across Europe
  4. 2nd crowdfunding campaign raising over €50,000,000 in 2019/2020

Developing a Solar Car for Everyone

We are convinced that solar mobility can become the next big thing. We therefore have set ourselves the goal of making our patented solar technology accessible to everyone. This requires state-of-the-art engineering, thorough testing and a lot of passion. The Sion's testing program includes series validation, homologation, crash tests, tests in different climates, optimization of solar technology and safeguarding, and refinement of driving dynamics on test tracks and public roads.

From Concept to Series Production

  • Series production at Valmet in Uusikaupunki, Finland
  • Planning to produce 43,000 Sion per year using renewable energies
  • Three-shift work, five days per week
  • 8 minutes cycle time and 23 hours lead time per car
  • Highly automated body shop

Series Tooling

Many different tools are needed to be able to produce the Sion in series. Some reshape an object, others hold and fix a component, and some are needed to make certain jobs easier and faster. The first tools are already available.

Crash Tests

Crashing the Sion breaks our heart. But we'll do everything for your safety. As part of the Sion's testing program the crash test program has already commenced. 

A Community of Over 21,000 Pioneers

We wouldn't have come so far if it wasnt for the engagement and courage of our unique Community. Dedicated people who believe in our mission of making every vehicle solar, commited to fight for a climate-friendly future.

Sono Motors in numbers, as of 1 December 2022


Reserved & committed Sion


Test driven kilometers

Over 17,000

Visitors on all our tours


Days on Tour

Over 161,000

Social Media Followers

Over 66,000

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Supervisory Board Member From the Community

Sebastian Böttger is the standing supervisory board member representing our Community. He ensures that the needs, opinions and concerns of our community are heard loud and clear within the company and its highest controlling body. Being a truly dedicated observer, every Sunday he publishes news and updates from the Sono Motors cosmos on his blog

Become A Pioneer

We want sustainable mobility for everyone. That’s why we develop the Sion. The innovative Solar Electric Vehicle, significantly enabled by those who believe in us.