Wait, what is going on?

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We failed to raise enough money. We failed to explain to investors why the Sion is truly needed and that there is a huge demand for it. To make matters worse, we are living through multiple global crises, causing most investors to avoid taking risks and look toward more mature companies. They are telling us to not build the car, to restructure the company, and to lay off 70% of our people. To refund the Community and to disregard the Sion and our reservation holders. But, for us, this simply can’t be an option. Not without giving our Community the chance to make a move. That's why we kicked-off this campaign. We are committed to #savesion. What about you?

If we can reach the campaign goal and raise enough money, we can trigger a positive domino effect. Your down-payment, which represents both your money and your trust in us, we believe will enable us to continue to find new investors as well as to pay the remaining machinery, tooling and production set-up to achieve the planned pre-series production in 2023 and make it to a high-volume start of production in 2024.

3,500 fully paid Sion reservations send a clear message to the world. That this is the car our Community of over 21,000 reservation holders wants and believes in. Still, every act of commitment counts! Whether it is raising your down payment by €100, granting us a loan, or supporting us with a donation or a social media post. What's more, you will only have to pay if the campaign is succesful.

We have designed a discount program that grants a discount of up to €2,700 to those who support us with a Sion down payment. You will also receive a vehicle waiting list number.

There are many ways to support our fight for the Sion.

1. Increase your down payment to benefit from campaign discounts and be awarded Sono Points. Even if you increase your reservation by €100, it brings us closer to achieving the campaign goal.

2. Place a new reservation and benefit from the same discounts and get awarded Sono Points. The higher the commitment, the higher the benefits of Sono Points and discounts.

3. You can also support us by spreading the word. Maybe someone you know could also be interested in a Sion? We have prepared the Community Kit for you to download and use on your social media.

There is a lot to talk about. For that we have come up with different measures to make sure you are heard and your questions are answered.

Financial transparency and situation

Save up to 2,100€

Please note, that there will be more but lower discounts until end of the campaign, after the current displayed discount expires! 

Let's Get in Touch

We are sure you have a lot of questions. That's why we've set up a special hotline where you can reach us and talk to Sono team members.

Moreover, we are taking the Sion on tour again, so you can explore the progress we made first-hand. Our tour takes us through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

In addition, we will host evening events in some cities. You will get a personal update on the current situation from our team and have the opportunity to ask questions about the campaign. We will openly talk about finance, Sion production status and our solar technology.

Our History & Milestones

We have come a long way. Here are the greatest things we have achieved together with you.