50 Million in 50 Days. Thank you!


In 50 days we exceeded our target of 50 million euros in one of the largest community funding campaigns. We are overwhelmed and say thank you! To a great community and to investors who stand by our values.

The Campaign L'auto Profit Sharing Financial Transparency State of Development
The Campaign L'auto Profit Sharing Financial Transparency State of Development

What it Takes to Build a Solar Electric Vehicle

It's never easy to break new ground. We knew: With building a car, we set ourselves a big challenge. We know: Driving change is worth every effort. With the Sion we are creating far more than a car: Innovative technologies and a whole new form of mobility.

Determined to Go into Production

Getting the Sion onto the road as quickly as possible – that's what we're working hard for every day.

PB: Prototype Build
SVC: Stage of Vehicle Construction
MRD: Material Required Date
PPAP: Production Parts Approval Process
MB: Manufacturing Build
SOP: Start of Production
BIW: Body in White
CAD: Computer Aided Design
CAE: Computer Aided Engineering
FTEs: Full Time Equivalents


We do many things differently. For example, we produce the Sion in only one variant and color. This means less development time and shortens procurement, testing and vehicle build. The majority of our components come into the Sion as so-called "carry-over parts" and therefore only have to be tested in the vehicle environment. We also shorten the test duration by focusing on simulations early in the development phase. We have close and good relationships with our partners. We develop new and efficient processes with them right from the start. This saves us valuable time.

Already early in the concept phase we sent our first vehicles (SVC1) on test drives. With that we got direct feedback from those who were interested in the concept of the Sion. We quickly found enthusiastic supporters who came together in a community and whose opinions and feedback were integrated into the further development. At the same time, we built Sono Motors, hired a team of one hundred people and developed organizational structures. Of course, a wide network of partners and suppliers was also set up. With the successful completion of the concept phase, we are now in the final third of the design phase. Through loops of design and simulation, all homologation requirements are already tested on the virtual vehicle in simulations.

In the final stage of the design phase, it is important, among other things, to reach the next stage of vehicle maturity (SVC2). These vehicles are mainly used to calibrate the powertrain and to tune the chassis. At the end of this phase, the next milestone is reached: the development release for the series prototypes (design release PB). Now the toolings, mainly "soft toolings", are ordered to reach the next level of maturity (SVC3).

The completion of the procurement phase, which involves tool manufacturing, part production and testing, logistics and pre-assembly, is followed by the MRD (material required date). With that the assembly of the bodies (BIW) and prototypes begins in the prototype shop. Once the first hardware has been completed, the test phase begins. Now the functional tests and crash tests are carried out to ensure that the requirements from the specification and homologation are met. In the subsequent design update phase necessary changes are incorporated into the virtual vehicle. At the end there is then the milestone design release MB, with the completion of which we then start the procurement of series toolings.

Now the production trial begins, the assembly of the first vehicles at our contract manufacturer on the production line (Body Shop and General Assembly). At the same time, the PPAP process (Production Parts Approval Process) is initiated at our suppliers. Now the final tests for the type approval are carried out with vehicles from production. With the successful type approval and the completion of the PPAP, series production of the Sion (SOP) now begins.

Getting the Sion onto the road as soon as possible. In September 2021 the first vehicles will roll off the assembly line in Trollhättan. The actual start of production (SOP), which we have set ourselves as a target, will then be at the beginning of 2022. Good project management of course always includes a realistic risk assessment, especially in a company like ours, because transparency and openness are important to us. Our experienced development team continuously evaluates possible risks. In our overview, potential delays due to possible risks are presented transparently. We continuously evaluate all events and development steps in order to be able to react quickly and to avoid delays. Our clear goal is to deliver the Sion at the beginning of 2022.

Your safety. Our Priority.

Your safety is important to us. That's why we put special emphasis on the development of passive safety to ensure maximum protection of occupants, road users and the vehicle during and after collisions. A central role is played by the body, seat belts, airbags, steering wheel, seats and interior and exterior trim. Despite the increasing integration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (active safety, ADAS), passive safety will always play a key role, even if cars are no longer controlled by humans in the future.

Awareness of All Requirements

One of the main items of passive safety is the development of crashworthiness of the body, which is ensured through the consistent performance of crash tests. The safety of the Sion will meet the European legal requirements as well as the EUNCAP 4* passive safety requirements. We are working with established and experienced partners to ensure that all requirements are taken into account now and in the future.


For optimum crash safety of the body, the vehicle structure is divided into an energy-absorbing area (CMS, HSC) and a non-deformable area (passenger cabin). In the event of a high-speed front crash, the crash management system (CMS) and the high speed crasher (HSC) deform. In this way, energy can be dissipated in a controlled manner and the passenger cabin is only slightly deformed. In combination with the passive safety components, the occupants are thus optimally protected. During a low-speed crash, only the CMS is deforming. The CMS can be replaced without major effort, so that repair and insurance costs remain as low as possible.


The chassis of our Sion fulfils a supporting function. It combines the most important features for a family-friendly vehicle: safety, dynamics and comfort. This is ensured by a MacPherson front suspension and a twist-beam rear axle. The Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control, Hill Start Assist and Electronic Parking Brake contribute to your safety. The Sion comes ex works with Continental all-season tyres. So you'll be safe all year round. The sensitively tuned power steering with tilt adjustment ensures maximum comfort. This guarantees a perfect steering feel at a turning circle of only 10.2 meters. Ideal for the city. Our "One Pedal Drive" guarantees maximum driving comfort with maximum recuperation at the same time.


Special know-how is the efficient and unique integration of viSono into the powertrain. In combination with our innovative on-board charger the unique features of your Sion become possible. Per day, up to 34 km range can be added CO2-neutrally, even while driving. This corresponds to 5800 free kilometers through the sun in the year. With the on-board charger, bidirectional charging is possible. This gives you a high degree of independence. Your Sion is powered by the eDrive system from Continental. With 120 kW of power and 270 Nm of torque, it accelerates your Sion to a maximum of 140 km/h. Long motorway trips at full speed on hot summer days, unlimited fast charging and trips in winter are no problem for the battery thanks to the integrated liquid cooling and heating.

The Sion Means Autarky for You!

The Sion offers you versatile charging and discharging options. With the Schuko household socket, the Sion can output 3.7 kW (230 V) to external devices. With a sufficiently charged battery, you can use the Type 2 connection to supply an entire house with average power consumption over three days, as a single-family house with 4 persons needs an average of 11 kWh per day. Up to 11 kW (400 V) power is possible when using the three-phase type 2 plug to charge another electric car. In addition, viSono can provide up to 5 kWh of solar energy per day.

Functionality: Our Infotainment

The digital instrument cluster of the Sion with its 8-inch display keeps an eye on the essentials. In addition to basic information such as speed or temperature, it shows you the state of charge of the battery, the available solar energy and your current consumption. The Sion infotainment system has two ARM® Cortex®-A15 processors with a maximum of 1.5 GHz. All infotainment content is shown on a central 10.1 inch display with touch function. Vehicle settings such as the charging and discharging process of the battery can also be controlled via the display. A navigation system with map data, live traffic and charging points streamed over the air ensures a smooth journey. Route planning can optionally be done from outside the vehicle, e.g. on a mobile phone, and is available within the infotainment system at the start of the journey. Our map source is OpenStreetMap. We also support Google Android Auto and Apple Car Play. During the journey, the system constantly monitors about 30 vehicle parameters and provides detailed information about viSono, energy consumption and powertrain behaviour if requested by the driver. Classic infotainment functions such as Bluetooth telephony, media player and FM / DAB+ radio are available as well.

New Territory

We have set out to conquer new territory with innovative technologies and to build an instrument of the future with the Sion. Achieving the breakthrough is no longer in our hands alone. You are the drivers of change. You are part of the solution. Together we can move mountains. Are you with us?