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Price: 16.000 Euro. This price does not include the battery. The battery will be available in 2019 for a monthly fee (rent or lease) or as a one-time purchase. The one-time purchasing price of the battery, from today's point of view, is around 4.000 €. The battery price is not included in the total price of the Sion as we always want to offer you the latest and best price available.

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15.500 €
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Payment options

First, you will acquire a reservation to purchase the Sion. This comes with a right of withdrawal of two weeks.

In a second step, Sono Motors will offer you a contract of sale for the Sion in 2019. This covenant also comes with a right of withdrawal of two weeks.

At first, the delivery will occur free of cost to Bremerhaven. For an additional charge, we will deliver the Sion to the location of your preference.

Reservations are possible worldwide. Test drives will take place at our own discretion.