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The Sion’s price is €16,000 excluding the battery. We’re planning to offer the battery for a one-time purchase price as well as with the option of renting or leasing it. The reason for excluding the battery from the price is that we want to always offer the most up-to-date price. We expect it to be around €9,500. We will calculate the final price for the battery based on the market rates for battery cells at the time of production.

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Payment Method

During the first stage, you can preorder and make a down payment on a Sion. It comes with a two-week reflection period.

In the second stage in 2019, Sono Motors will offer you a contract to purchase a Sion. Again, you’ll have a two-week reflection period during which you can cancel the contract.

Initially, the Sion will only be delivered to Bremerhaven, Germany, free of charge. We expect that we’ll also be able to deliver elsewhere for a fee, if desired.

You can preorder from anywhere in the world, while deliveries will foreseeably be limited to Europe. Test-drives will be offered at Sono Motors’ discretion.