Sono Motors is a startup from Munich. We developed the Sion, an electric car with a range of 250 kilometers and a price of 16.000 Euros. Its integrated solar cells generate further energy to cover up to 30 kilometers per day. Our vision is simple: Providing a mobility concept for a future without mineral oil and emissions.


A Phone Call to Remember
We – Laurin and Jona had a critical phone call and talked about the waste of fossil fuels. We decided to take matters into our own hands to see some changes. We started to develop a car in Jona`s garage, which demonstrates how solar energy can make us independent from mineral oil.
The Founding
2016 we founded Sono Motors together with Laurin`s roommate Navina. She came up with a whole new thing: the design. Without her we would neither have a name, a logo nor an identity.
Start of the Crowdfunding Campaign
Up to this point we financed the whole project by ourselves. But to take it to the next level, we needed help. Thats why we launched a crowd-funding campaign, without any expectations.
It was incredible! We collected around 820.000 € for our next step: the development of the Sion-Prototype. Thanks to the huge support from all of you, we caught the attention of corporations and media houses from all around the globe. All this was really important for our next steps.
Recruiting a new Team
To steer the process into the right direction we recruited an exceptional team that consists of people who share our vision a one hundred percent. With the great work of our engineers, management strategists, graphic designers and communication experts we were able to start bringing our dreams into reality. The offices in the Munich Center for Technology became our new home base.
Building the Prototype
We were very proud, when we announced that we chose Roding Automobile GmbH as our prototype development partner. It was not an easy decision as we had 10 offers from potential partners to choose from. In the end we went for Roding as their team is incredibly agile and motivated. Also they have tremendous knowledge in the field of automobile development. With the announcement of the prototype, we were also able to announce our test drive tour in August 2017 through eleven cities across Germany and Europe.
A whole new Design
We were thrilled when announcing the final design of the Sion. Max and Naveen had put in some night shifts to complete the design. The result of an hour-long studying of the CAD model is a beautiful car, which we will unveil in July.
Sion Release Event - a great success!
On July 27th, the Munich-based tech-start-up, Sono Motors introduced the first innovative and cost-efficient full battery electric vehicle for everyday use: the Sion. Nearly 700 supporters, as well as guests from politics, media and industry, witnessed the presentation of the Sion. Media articles from all over the world boosted the pre-sales that started together with the test-drive-tour through Europe on August 18th.
On September 1st, Sono Motors launched a unique crowdinvesting campaign. On the Seedrs and wiwin platforms, investors acquire shares of the emerging company and/or issue loans.
We are going to take the Sion for a test drive tour across Europe. In this way, everybody can experience what it is like to drive the Sion. If you share our vision and finally want to change something, then help us bringing the Sion on the streets.
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