We are a young company from Munich called Sono Motors. Our most important goal is to protect the environment. This is really the only reason Sono Motors exists.

The biggest challenge is to significantly reduce the misuse of valuable and finite resources such as oil, which is a non-renewable raw material.

Nevertheless, over 61% of the world’s oil reserves are consumed for transportation purposes. This produces 128 million tons of CO2 every year. Even if the drying up of oil wells is delayed by new extraction methods, there is no future for vehicles with internal combustion engines. The future is sustainable mobility.

The Sion plays a prominent role in this. The integrated solar cells ensure that - depending on driving performance and insolation - a large part of the required energy comes from an entirely renewable source: the sun.

Bidirectional charging - the ability to use the vehicle’s battery as a mobile power storage - is intended to replace the conventional power generator in countless applications.

Another goal is the longevity of the Sion: We want to ensure that the vehicle is easy and inexpensive to repair. Therefore, the reSono-concept is a very important contribution to sustainability.


We are right in the middle of serial development, and we are working at full-speed to get the Sion on the road in 2019.

The Sion is produced by a well-known contract manufacturer in Europe whose name we will disclose in 2018. One thing is for sure: Everyone who already ordered a Sion will get one.

So – if you have the same vision as we have and if you want to change a few things in this world, then help us get the Sion out there. With every order we take another huge step towards our goal. Here are the different ways you can help us.

Together we made it: 5,000 reservations
Over 5,000 reservations from more than 30 countries! In only two years, the idea and vision of three friends has grown into a movement of more than 5,000 enthusiatic people. Together we have shown that everything is possible if you really want it.
Innovative LED headlights technology for the Sion
Less than a month after the announcement of our battery manufacturer, we were able to announce our cooperation with Automotive Solutions Germany GmbH (ASG), at the beginning of June. The Bavarian company is a specialist for the development and production of lighting systems in the automotive sector.

For the development of a tailor-made concept for headlights, rear, and brake lights, we have put together a team of experts, which is developing a unique LED technology for the Sion.

ASG will equip each Sion with this technology at the start of series production in 2019, without causing additional costs for our supporters.

Battery Production in Germany

On the 9th of May we opened a new chapter in the history of Sono Motors: we were able to announce our supplier for our serial produced battery.
Together with the experienced automotive supplier ElringKlinger, we will develop and manufacture the heart of the Sion in Germany – the battery.
In ElringKlinger we have found the perfect match for a battery manufacturer, as they stand for the development of forward-looking and green technologies in particular.

The first electric car, whose CO2-emissions are completely offset
In June 2017 we decided to offset all CO2-emissions caused by the production of the Sion. We publicly announced this decision in February 2018. The reason for it is simple: Our objective for the Sion and our mobility concept goSono is to protect the climate. While we aspire to act as ecologically and climate-friendly as possible, there are certain emissions caused by the production, logistics or our office that cannot be entirely mitigated. Therefore, we are trying to minimize our carbon footprint and offset all unavoidable emissions.

We are currently compiling and recording all emissions caused by our mission to bring the Sion on the streets. In this context, we are working on our sustainability and climate-protection strategy, which is going to gradually reduce the need for offsetting CO2-emissions by avoiding and reducing them beforehand.

Test Drive Tour 2018
After our test drive tour through Europe in 2017 was such a great success, we did not need to think twice: this year we are going on tour again!
Moving to a new office
As our office was bursting at the seams by the end of 2017, it was obviously time to move! Thanks to the priceless dedication of our carpenters, architects, electricians and volunteers, we managed to create a fantastic office.

We like our new home so much that we really do not want to go home anymore. Of course you are always welcome to come by for a visit.

On September 1st, we launched a unique crowdinvesting campaign by giving interested parties two great options on the Internet platforms Seedrs and wiwin:

Through Seedrs, we sold shares of Sono Motors, while on wiwin one could give us fixed-rate loans.

Within a few days we generated 2,3 million euros – what a tremendous success! That’s why we decided to continue the campaign on wiwin.

Start test drive tour through Europe
In the middle of August we started our huge test drive tour through Europe.

Six countries, eleven cities and more than 7,000 test drives were laying ahead of us. For three months a team of six people drove the Sion all through Europe.

Our Mission: To bring our vision of sustainable mobility to the people.

This tour was a very important milestone. Exactly one year ago, we had promised the numerous supporters of our crowdfunding campaign to offer test drives within twelve months: a promise we could keep!

Sion Release Event - a great success!
On July 27th we finally presented the Sion to the world – an innovative and cost-efficient electric vehicle for everyday use.

Nearly 700 supporters as well as guests from politics, media and industry attended the presentation. The atmosphere was just amazing.

Media reports from all over the world boosted the number of orders that same evening.

A whole new Design
We received a lot of input from you for a redesign of the Sion via several online-surveys.

Max and Naveen pulled more than a few all-nighters to integrate your wishes and suggestions into the CAD model. We then wanted to present the result of all this work in a major release event.

Building the Prototype
Thanks to cooperation with well-known partners from the automotive industry, we were able to develop several fully-functional prototypes within just seven months.

We worked late and often all weekend to get the prototypes to you in time. We could not have done it without our fantastic team.

Recruiting a new Team
In order to steer everything into the right direction, we put together a new team. Up to to this day it only consists of people who share the vision of Sono Motors one hundred percent.

Thanks to the great work of our engineers, electricians, management strategists, graphic designers and communications experts, we came a great step closer to our goal.

That was incredible! We raised more than 820,000 Euros through our crowdfunding-campaign, while newspapers, bloggers and magazines around the world reported extensively on our project.

Thanks to your awesome support we could take the next step: the development of the first prototype of the Sion.

Start of the Crowdfunding Campaign
Navina convinced us that a crowdfunding-campaign could help us make a breakthrough. If people really wanted a solar car, we would find out.
The Founding
In 2016 we founded Sono Motors together with Laurin’s roommate Navina. She came up with a whole new plan for our project: a design. Without her, we would have neither a name nor a logo, let alone a crowdfunding-campaign.
We then started building a prototype in Jonah’s garage to prove that solar energy can make us independent of oil.

However, we were not yet concerned with a specific design or else. We just wanted to prove to the world that it is technically possible to use integrated solar cells to power a vehicle.

We worked day and night on our vehicle, not telling anyone about our project and funding it with temp jobs we worked on the weekend.

One day we were finally there: our pre-prototype drove up and down the driveway for the first time – a feeling beyond description!

A Phone Call to Remember
We – Jonah and Laurin – had a crucial phone call talking about the waste of oil. Hardly any resource polarises more than oil. And yet, we still burn 61% of the total oil for our mobility – though there are alternatives. We could not and still can’t understand that. We decided to take matters into our own hands and make a real difference.