Solar Integration

Solar instead of paint. The solar modules are perfectly adapted to the shape of the vehicle via a brand new manufacturing process.

Easy from A to B

No key, no emissions. Pure freedom.

Sono Motors on the Stock Exchange


Blog Post

"That is what makes you unique": Chair of the board Wilko Stark and Vice-Chair Martina Buchhauser about Sono Motors

26th November 2021 – For companies listed on the stock exchange, there are certain structures, duties and tasks for which the supervisory board is responsible. Chair Wilko Stark and Vice-Chair Martina Buchhauser talk in an interview about Sono Motors’ strengths and what challenges the company still has to overcome in coming years.

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Blog Post

Community Superadvisor Sebastian poses the most important questions about going public

18th November 2021 – Sono has leapt over another huge milestone on the journey to getting the Sion on the road with news of its initial public offering. This will enable us to raise the financial means to initiate the Sion’s final development phase. Community board member Sebastian Böttger had the opportunity to talk to CFO Torsten Kiedel about the IPO and collected the most important questions and answers in this blog post.

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16,000 Sion: over 1,000 reservations in just a week

9th November 2021 – What a week! We already have something to celebrate together just days after we announced the planned price increase - reaching 16,000 reservations! We’re so pleased that so many people used the opportunity so quickly. Thank you for your support and trust!

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