The car that charges itself 

Solar Integration

Solar instead of paint. The solar modules are perfectly adapted to the shape of the vehicle via a brand new manufacturing process.

Easy from A to B

No key, no emissions. Pure freedom.

Blog & News

Blog Post

What changed from SVC2 to our latest validation vehicle?

27th September 2022 – On 25 July, we finally presented the Sion in its production design to the world. For those who weren’t there or just want to know more about the differences between our previous prototype, the SVC2 and our series-validation vehicle, look no further.

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Press Release

Sono Motors Debuts at IAA Transportation With Four Solar Trailer Premieres

19th September 2022 – In Hall 26, Booth C02, Visitors Can Experience Sono Motors’ Complete Range of Solar Technology for Its Three Key Industries - Buses, Electric Transporters as Well as Refrigerated Vehicles…

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Press Release

Second Quarter 2022: Increasing Orders for ‘Sion’ Solar-Electric Passenger Car and More B2B Solar-Retrofit Projects

8th September 2022 – Sono Motors’ Revenues in the Second Quarter 2022 Exceed First Quarter 2022 Revenues.…

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