We're extending our campaign!

The Sion is worth more than 50 days of fight.

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A Clear Signal

We have already achieved remarkable things with you: More than 8,600 people have supported the #savesion campaign with over €47,000,000. This means that you, our community, have already sent a clear signal to the world. The determination we feel from the thousands of calls, emails, and personal interactions with the Community, combined with the inquisitive feedback of numerous potential investors, empowers us to continue both the campaign and our fight for the Sion. Also, the tour will continue.

We need you to act


Commit now, pay later. Only after a successful campaign, will we debit the amount you have committed. Every euro counts. Even a small contribution. Every reservation will receive a discount up to €2,100. You can also pay in three partial payments.

Every Action Counts

Don't need a car, but still want to support? There are many ways to support our fight for the Sion. Choose one!

A Meaningful Contribution

No matter how small or large your contribution is, every euro brings us closer to our goal. Your donation helps us to continue the fight to bring the Sion into series production.


Invest in Us

We are currently reviewing the offer that was already part of our last campaign, for subordinated loans. More details for this option will follow soon.

Do you want to support our fight for the Sion with amounts over €25,000? Please reach out to us via email at and our Investor Relations team will then get in touch.

Spread the Word

Whether it be your neighbor, your aunt, or your goldfish. Sharing our story with your circle helps us to #savesion. In the end it's all about awareness, right?

Community Kit

Tell a Friend

We need more supporters. The campaign needs to be spread across more shoulders. Get Your Friends On Board!

The Tour Must Go On!

Along with our campaign, we have also decided to extend the tour. This means that we will give even more people the opportunity to experience the Sion live. We are also talking openly about the current situation, the development status and our solar technology.

Why the Sion is The Solution

The Sion is a brilliant solution to many of the problems the world is facing right now. It contributes to making transportation both sustainable and affordable. It is the energy revolution on wheels.

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“Change is always possible if we take matters into our own hands.”

Jona Christians

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More About Sono Motors

We’ve come so far together

We have gained invaluable amounts of experience, hired a multitude of experts from their respective fields and have grown into a legitimate organization. We released two generations of prototypes, went public in the US on Nasdaq, and became officially certified as an automotive company by the German authorities. You can find all of our milestones here..

Interested in how far we are already in developing the Sion? Click here on the button.

All Things Finance

For our founders it was never about becoming wealthy entrepreneurs. It was always about making a difference for society and making sustainable mobility simple and affordable. For the planet and for the people. That's why they give away their future profits in the form of profit-sharing rights to those who also believe in it and reserve a Sion. Click on "Profit Sharing" for more info.

If you want to know even more about our finances - where our money comes from, what we spend it on and how much development costs - click on "Financial Transparency". All these questions and more are answered on our finances page.

We’ll stick to the current discount rate. At the moment you can save up to €2,100 off a full deposit. 

More information here.

The principle of “pledge now, pay later” remains unchanged. We will only collect the money pledged when the campaign is a success. In this event we will send you a reminder per email which will announce the collection of the money with sufficient advance notice.

Yes, over the coming days you’ll have the chance to experience the Sion live.

We will bring the Sion to a total of 12 locations. Experience the Sion and bring your friends. You don't need an appointment, you can just drop in when you want. Planning for the tour is not yet finalized. If additional test drives are possible at a location, these will be bookable via our website.

We reserved the right to extend the campaign in our general terms and conditions (clause 6.1). We are now making use of this. We also extended our last campaign in 2019/20 and completed it successfully.

We are in ongoing discussion with potential investors and feel that extending the campaign will allow us to achieve our goal and continue with the Sion programme. The commitment of thousands of Community members has once again proven the demand for the Sion.

Together we can save the Sion. #savesion

We are sure you can understand that we cannot provide any details regarding ongoing talks with potential investors. As soon as there is news, we will share it with you.

FAQ #savesion

3,500 fully paid Sion reservations send a clear message to the world. That this is the car our Community of over 21,000 reservation holders wants and believes in. Still, every act of commitment counts! Whether it is raising your down payment by €100, granting us a loan, or supporting us with a donation or a social media post. What's more, you will only have to pay if the campaign is succesful.

We have designed a discount program that grants a discount of up to €2,700 to those who support us with a Sion down payment. You will also receive a vehicle waiting list number.

There are many ways to support our fight for the Sion.

  1. Increase your down payment to benefit from campaign discounts and be awarded Sono Points. Even if you increase your reservation by €100, it brings us closer to achieving the campaign goal.
  2. Reserve a Sion and benefit from the same discounts and get awarded Sono Points. The higher the commitment, the higher the benefits of Sono Points and discounts.
  3. You can also support us by spreading the word. Maybe someone you know could also be interested in a Sion? We have prepared the Community Kit for you to download and use on your social media.

There is a lot to talk about. For that we have come up with different measures to make sure you are heard and your questions are answered.





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