The first electric car that charges itself.

Solar Integration

Solar instead of paint. In the course of a completely new manufacturing process, the solar modules are perfectly adapted to the shape of the vehicle.

Easy from A to B

No key, no emissions. Pure freedom.



2020 in Numbers: How Sustainable Are We as a Company?

22nd April 2021 – Your trust in our vision is extremely important to us and therefore we are publishing our annual sustainability report. This report is, for the first time, closely aligned with the GRI standard for sustainability reporting. We want to be transparent on the development of our performance in terms of fairness, resource conservation, and climate protection at Sono.

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Sono Digital: Who we are, what we do and how you can contribute

26th March 2021 – Our mission is to make every car electric and shared. While our colleagues in the vehicle development team take care of the former, our focus is on the latter: shared mobility.

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Here Is How Our Solar Technology Could Change the Energy Supply in Mobility

22nd March 2021 – Solar technology has been around for 180 years, even though back then it was dismissed by many scientists due to the domination of energy technologies based on the burning of coal. However, as Bob Dylan famously sang in the 1960s, “the times they are a-changing”, and the Sion’s solar technology might be one example of many.

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