Experience the Solar Bus Kit

Solar on Every Vehicle

We focus our business model to exclusively retrofitting and integrating our solar technology onto third party vehicles. This marks a significant next step in Sono Motors’ business development. Our technology is already in application today, with 25 B2B customers across Europe and the U.S. piloting our integrated solar technology on a variety of vehicle architectures, including passenger vehicles, buses, refrigerated vehicles, and recreational vehicles.


Our New Product - The Solar Bus Kit

The Solar Bus Kit is a complete and highly efficient retrofit solar solution for diesel buses. Optimized for the most common 12-meter bus types on the European market, the kit helps bus fleet operators to reduce diesel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and meet their sustainability goals.

Solar Dashboard

A crucial part of our Solar Bus Kit that provides our customers with all relevant insights on the gained solar yields - not only of single buses but even of their full fleets. Performance data, detailed reports, comprehensive documentation, and FAQs to ensure seamless operation and optimization, right at your fingertips.


Solar integration for diesel & electric buses addresses the current industry challenges like range and charging limitations for electric buses and increasing energy prices for both power from the grid and diesel. The benefits of solar integration are reduced energy costs compared to power from the grid or diesel, and thereby reduced TCO; sustainable solar energy for reduced urban emissions and extended battery lifetime; extended range, longer operating hours, and fewer charging cycles.

Refrigerated Vehicles

Our vehicle-applied solar solutions help to partially cover the energy and refrigeration needs of reefer trucks and large trailers (13+ meters) with renewable energy. This prolongs operating hours and reduces the risk of cooled goods being spoiled. Full solar integration on the roof and sides of a 40t semi-truck trailer is expected to cover up to 50% of the cooling units’ yearly average energy needs.

Recreational Vehicles

Seamless full PV integration in sleeper pop-up roofs and plastic side parts enables maximum autonomy. This in-turn increases independence for long journeys like road trips in areas with fewer charging or refueling infrastructure as it runs the vehicle’s auxiliary systems.

Automotive OEMs

We have specialized in a unique manufacturing method to seamlessly integrate solar cells into polymer to be used for the exterior of a passenger vehicle. Solar charging allows more convenience for the vehicle owner, less dependency on battery charging infrastructures, and reduced running costs compared to ordinary BEVs. car manufacturers and fleet operators may our proprietary technology in their own products to retrofit existing vehicles, or new production vehicles, to extend the range of BEVs, or to comply with emission regulations.

Sion Program

We have terminated the Sion program and intend to sell it, including tooling and other assets, to third parties.