The Energy Revolution Is Here

Why a Wallbox?

In order to make the switch to 100% renewable energy, we need smart and self-sufficient solutions.

Especially in mobility. Our bidirectional wallbox brings us one step closer to this goal of enabling a world independent of fossil fuels.

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The Sono Wallbox Explained by our Energy Services Product Manager

Get More Out of Your Car

In comparison to a conventional home storage system, the Sion's battery is huge. It can store up to 10 times more energy. The wallbox allows you to temporarily store excess energy from the PV system in the vehicle to later supply your home. In this way, your car becomes a decentralised energy storage unit that you can access whenever you want.

The best part is that the Sono wallbox comes at a significantly lower price in comparison to other such DC wall-mounted charging stations.

Energy for Everyone!

The Sion is fully charged and you have more energy than you currently need? Well, in combination with the Sono wallbox, you can share your electricity with the grid. This way, everyone benefits from your Sion, the environment and even your wallet.

The Charging Station for the Home

Everyone runs out of steam. If you want to charge your Sion at home, then our wallbox is the perfect energy source for you. The charging rate of up to 11 kW enables you to charge up to five times faster than with a household socket.

Intuitive and Suitable for Everyday Use

What is the maximum amount of energy deliverable to a house? What is the minimum range that should be available? What level should the battery charged up to?

All of this is at your control via the Sono Motors app, which gives you full control over your Sion at all times. Simple, convenient and reliable.

Want More Details?

You can find out more technical details regarding the Sono wallbox in our infosheet.

A Behind-the-Scenes Blog

Want to know more about the wallbox? We spoke with our expert and researched all possible applications. Read our blog post here.

Climate-Friendly Into the Future

The Sono wallbox is the next piece of the puzzle in making our vision of a world without fossil fuels a reality. In addition to our battery, which foregoes the use of any cobalt, we offset all CO2 emissions generated during the Sion's production. The electricity used to produce our SEV is 100% sourced from renewable energy sources.

Six Design-Options: Our Community Has Decided

In typical Sono fashion, we let our community vote on the design of our wallbox. Learn more how our community voted.

You Ask, We Answer

We expect to be able to offer the wallbox at a price up to 70% cheaper than other bidirectional DC wallboxes currently available. This is possible because the conversion from direct current to alternating current (DC/AC) takes place in the Sion itself and not the wallbox - significantly reducing costs.

We will announce the final price prior to market launch in 2023. We estimate, at this time, that it will be in the lower 4-digit euro range.

This new technology is our pioneering work and thus we are offering the first cost-effective wallbox for bidirectional charging.
Bidirectional DC wallboxes available on the market up to this point are are relatively more expensive, as they contain an inverter to convert the direct current from the vehicle's battery into alternating current, in order to feed it back into the house. By integrating the inverter into the Sion’s on board charger (OBC), we can massively reduce the cost of the wallbox. This makes bidirectional charging affordable and at the same time enables us to make our contribution to a future with 100% renewable energy. Sono Motors sees itself as a ‘community-driven’ company. Therefore we live up to this by letting the Community decide the wallbox’s final design.

The Sion can be used as a home storage system in conjunction with the wallbox. The vehicle and building are connected via a Type 2 plug. The same connection is used to charge the Sion and supply the building. It is therefore not necessary to change the charging cable. 

Using the Sono app, the user can set up what proportion of the battery capacity they want to supply the building with, as well as how much range is needed the next morning.

A home energy management system (HEMS) controls when the vehicle is charged and discharged. The HEMS monitors the house’s grid connection point. If the PV system generates more electricity than the house consumes, the Sion is charged. If the PV system does not generate enough electricity to supply the house’s energy consumption, the additional energy required is fed into the house via the Sion. In this case, no more energy is fed into the house than is necessary, i.e. no energy is released into the national grid. 

The wallbox is equipped with various interfaces to enable integration into the local HEMS: Modbus, OCPP, EEBUS (planned). Communication takes place via ethernet or wifi.

Currently we plan to certify our wallbox in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and France. The wallbox can preliminarily not be used outside these countries. We intend to extend certification to other countries, depending on demand.

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Are you curious about our wallbox and would like to be kept in-the-know about it? Then simply sign up, without obligation, to our list. We will be in touch as soon as we have more details.

Note: The Sono wallbox enables you to charge all other electric cars with a Type 2 plug. Our goal is that other AC directional e-cars will also be able to feed back into the wall box. Whether and with which vehicles this will be possible must be checked in each individual case.