The first mass-produced Solar Electric Vehicle that can charge its battery using solar power.

Effortless Mobility

A car for everyday use. Up to 34 kilometers of additional daily range, simply generated by the sun. 250 km range through the battery. Fast charging. All for €25,500.


Comfort for you and your family. A tow bar for holidays. And a large trunk for weekend shopping.


With powerSharing you can use your Sion as mobile energy storage wherever you are. While camping. On the construction site. Or simply at home.

Seamless Integration of Solar Cells

Almost invisible: We have developed a technology that allows us to integrate solar cells completely into the vehicle exterior. Long-lasting, scratch-resistant and efficient.

Energy Harvesting Vehicle

A total of 248 cells can generate a peak power of 1.2 kilowatts. Sufficient for up to 34 kilometers a day.

Engineered for Safety

Made for maximum strength. The Aluminium Space Frame of the Sion keeps you safe. It's also lightweight, does not oxidise and is 100% recyclable.

Platform for Future Vehicles

We have developed a platform for future vehicles. Variable battery capacity. 120kW electric motor. Engineered to be flexible and highly scalable.

1.83 m
4.29 m


25,500 €

35 kWh

120 kW Motor

Trunk Volume
650 l

Fast Charging: 30 Min.
Regular Charging: 3.5 h
Household Plug: 13 h

250 km

Solar Range
Max. 34 km

290 Nm

Max. Speed
140 km/h

Tow Bar
750 kg

Information Sheet

Designed with you

We have redefined the development process of a vehicle. We involved the community in design decisions. This makes the Sion perfectly suited for your needs.

Your Sion in 3D

Print a Sion according to your taste.

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