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Frequently Asked Questions


First, you carry out a reservation to purchase the Sion. Here you have a two-week right of withdrawal. In the second step, we offer you a purchase contract in the end of 2021. Here, too, a two-week right of revocation and withdrawal applies. You have the possibility to pick up your Sion directly at the factory in Trollhättan. In addition, we are working on a completely new delivery concept. For an extra charge, it will also be possible to deliver your Sion to your desired location.

After your reservation you will receive a payment link from us. After the payment you will receive a payment confirmation and you will automatically be on the waiting list.

Your reservation is a purchase option. At a later date you will receive the purchase contract from us. You can then sign it and purchase the Sion or have your deposit refunded.

The Sion costs 25,500 euros including German VAT at market launch.

The basic price for the vehicle is 16,000 euros plus the cost of the battery. We’re planning to offer the battery at a one-time purchase price as well as with the option of renting or leasing it. The reason for excluding the battery from the price is that we want to always offer the most up-to-date price. We expect the price to be around 9,500 euros. We will calculate the final price for the battery based on the market rates for battery cells at the time of production.

The reduction in VAT from 19 % to 16 % applies from 01.07.2020 to 31.12.2020. This subsidy is applicable to all purchases made during this period. In the case of the Sion, there is no actual purchase yet, but a down payment on the total purchase price. In this case, the amount of VAT depends on the so-called date of supply. The date of supply is the delivery of the Sion. The VAT that must be paid for the Sion accordingly depends on the VAT rate that is applicable at the time of delivery. This means that we are unable to issue invoices with reduced VAT to our reservation holders, as this would otherwise have to be paid retroactively.

The following applies to all persons preordering the Sion: you’ll receive a purchase offer for the Sion before delivery commences and you’ll, again, have the option of either purchasing the Sion and signing the contract or opting for a refund of your down payment.

The rights provided under German law for terminating contracts still apply.

Germany’s regular statutory provisions for warranties apply. On top of that, Sono Motors is providing a warranty for the Sion of probably two years or 100,000 kilometers as well as a warranty for the battery of two years, 100,000 kilometers or 2,000 charge cycles.


The first Sion will roll off the production line in Trollhättan in September 2021. These vehicles are used for type approval and process assurance in production. The delivery of the customer vehicles will then start at the beginning of 2022. Unfortunately, we cannot yet plan individual delivery dates today.

During the first stage, you can preorder and make a down payment on a Sion. It comes with a two-week reflection period. In the second stage, in 2021 we will offer you a contract to purchase a Sion. Again, you’ll have a two-week reflection period, during which you can cancel the contract. You have the possibility to pick up your Sion directly at the plant in Trollhättan. Additionally, we are working on an entirely new delivery concept. For an extra charge it will probably be possible to deliver your Sion to your desired location as well.