Making room for what matters

Miraculously Spacious – Generous Interior Space for All Living Situations

The Sion is not just there to help you alone get to your destination. It's also there for your loved ones and all the things you'd need. Our sustainable, everyday wonder offers a spacious interior for every situation: durable and comfortable. Including heated seats, height-adjustable seat belts and enough space for long legs on even longer journeys.

If the interior does not yet offer you enough space, our capacious luggage compartment provides space for all life's situations. Whether it's a big shopping trip, a stroller or whatever you need to move from A to B: there's room for everything.

Only What You Need

For us, we are focussed clearly on function. We have therefore reduced the Sion to the essentials. Everything you need and easy to operate.

Interior equipment:

  • ISOFIX child seat attachment
  • Three-point seat belts
  • Power windows
  • Folding rear seat bench
  • Three headrests in the rear seat bench
  • Heated seats for driver and front passenger
  • Single-zone automatic climate control
  • Integrated infotainment system with ambient light


Even more than just eyecatching, two striking features actively pull your gaze. Namely, the Sion's innovative design highlight, the integrated Icelandic moss, accentuated from above by a 10-inch display that provides you with all the information you need.

Made to Be Shared

The Sion not only offers you mobility of the future, we designed the Sion as a car ready for sharing. The integration of the Sono Motors app allows you to share your energy, your ride and even the car itself – anywhere and anytime.

Your Smartphone – Your Key

Connect via Apple Carplay or Android Auto, and use the Sono Motors app to remotely control pre-air conditioning, to check the battery status or to look for your next ride.

Become A Pioneer

We want sustainable mobility for everyone. That’s why we develop the Sion. The innovative Solar Electric Vehicle, significantly enabled by those who believe in us.