Your Wheels

Your Choice

Over 7,700 have been participating in our vote. Here are the results:

  • 53 % Anthracite
  • 27 % Black
  • 20 % Silver

Your Wheels

We did it again. We wanted you to decide about the look of the Sion. This time it was about the color of the wheels. Your decision counted for all 257,000 future Sion. With four wheels each, this makes a total of 1,040,000 wheels. Everyone was invited to participate in this voting. However, to be fair, only the votes of the reservation holders decided in the end.

Your Decision

Black, anthracite or silver – this was not an easy decision to make and as you know, there is no accounting for taste. Even in our team, there were many opinions, but it was not up to us. It was up to you.