Innovative Solar Technology
for Transport & Logistics

Our New Product - The Solar Bus Kit

The Solar Bus Kit is a complete and highly efficient retrofit solar solution for diesel buses. Optimized for the most common 12-meter bus types on the European market, the kit helps bus fleet operators to reduce diesel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and meet their sustainability goals.

Harness the Power of the Sun to Save on Fuel and CO2

Energy prices will only continue to increase with the years. Reach out to us to learn how our solar technology can help you save. Here are a few use cases including calculations based on meteorological conditions in our HQ - Munich, Germany.


Solar integration for 12-meter buses to feed energy into auxiliary systems, e.g. HVAC or as a range extender for e-buses. 

  • up to 7.7 kWh energy yields per day for a 12 m electric bus*
  • save up to 1,500 litres of diesel for a 12 m diesel bus with our Solar Bus Kit**
Information Sheet

Refrigerated Vehicles

Solar integration for reefer trucks and large trailers (13+ meters) to feed energy to a refrigeration system*. Solar integration on roof and sides for a reefer truck:

  • up to 82 kWh per day for a truck with a solar integrated trailer**
  • cover up to 50% of the yearly energy demand with solar***
Information Sheet

Electric Transporters

Solar integration for electric transporters to charge the vehicle’s main battery including full E/E integration. Solar integration on the roof and sides of vehicles:

  • up to 23.4 kWh / day for an electric cargo box van sides & roof*
  • potential independence from charging infrastructure
*Installation on roof and shoulders, yearly average.
**Based on internal calculations.
***Energy demand defines the energy [kWh] needed to run the refrigeration unit of the truck for one day. At peak conditions up to 100% of this energy demand can be reached. The yearly average of energy earnings is approx 50% of the energy demand.

Technical Highlights

Light, Robust and Cost-Efficient Solar Modules

Integration of our light and robust solar modules ensures cost-efficiency for both new and used vehicles

Intelligent Power Electronics

Specialized power electronics assist in dynamic conditions in conjunction with their optimized algorithm for partially shadowed roads.

Forecasting for Sustainable Driving

Insightful predictions based on weather and usage data to help you sustainably operate your vehicle.

Solar Cell Mapping

Fully tailored solar integration according to your application requirements - from individual components to complete body integration

Aftersales & Services

We offer diagnostics, technical documentation and many more after-sales services throughout the lifecycle of your product.

Clear Workflows - From Use Case Definition to Production

Be it retrofit or series solution: Sono Motors offers customized PV solutions according to your specific requirements.

1. Feasibility & Cooperations

  • Define customer specific use case
  • Define and select PV integration options
  • Decide on collaboration project and sign LOI/agreement

2. Prototype Development

  • Partner company delivers vehicle for PV integration
  • Sono Motors customizes and integrates PV solution
  • Test and joint evaluation
  • Decision for partnership

3. Partnership & Production

  • Sono Motors acts as a modular supplier of all one-stop shop solutions
  • Partner company installs the technology in their vehicles
  • Sono Motors provides consulting services for hardware integration
  • Agreement for series production

Blog Article: "Save Money and Reduce Emissions” – An Update on Sono Solar

A lot of things have happened since then. The number of companies collaborating with us is growing, various prototypes have already been installed, and we were able to present our first product release to you at the Celebrate the Sun event and the public: the Solar Bus Kit. So, it's high time to get a quick update on things.