We are a fast growing company from Munich, Germany. Over the past months and years we have been able to achieve a number of important milestones. Read our story.

Sion – ready to be shared

August 2019

Following the announcement of our exterior design in spring, in summer the interior concept of our SEV is presented. At a time of ever-increasing equipment variations, we focus on the essentials in the cockpit of the Sion, namely functionality, intuitive operation, user-friendliness, and connectivity. The Sion interior design takes into account the diversity of the vehicle’s usage with an appropriately robust and hard-wearing interior. Innovative design highlight: our natural air filter system breSono which ensures a pleasant indoor climate and ideally complements our climate-friendly overall concept. We are pleased to share first insights into the Sion interior!

10,000 Reservations of the Sion

May 2019

In June last year we reached our milestone of 5,000 reservations. Today, almost one year later, this number has doubled. Together with us, ten thousand people are setting a sign with their reservation of the Sion – for a responsible treatment of our planet and climate-friendly mobility. Thank you for your support!

The Sion will be manufactured in Sweden

April 2019

Together with NEVS we manufacture the first series-produced SEV (Solar Electric Vehicle) at the former SAAB plant in Trollhättan, Sweden. With NEVS, we have found a partner who shares our vision of sustainable, climate-friendly mobility. The Sion is produced exclusively with electricity from renewable energy sources.

Sion – designed with you

March 2019

The announcement of the series design was one of our most important milestones this year. A feature that shapes the design: full-surface integration of the solar modules into the bodywork. In the series vehicle, the solar cells will meld seamlessly into the vehicle's surface and can generate up to 34 kilometers of additional range a day. This means more independence of the charging infrastructure. Compared to the prototypes, the series version of our Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV) will be larger, longer and wider – for more interior space and comfort. Additional rear side windows ensure optimal all-round visibility. The rear is a bit more stepped and, thanks to the new LED backlight design, also more three-dimensional. We have repeatedly included our community into decisions on the design which is a completely new approach in vehicle development. Thank you for the amazing support!

Bosch is our Partner for Car Connectivity

January 2019

We started the new year with the announcement of a new partnership.

Bosch, the leading automotive supplier, supports us in integrating our intelligent mobility services into the Sion. All data connections of our vehicle as well as the automatic emergency call service eCall are controlled by the Connectivity Control Unit (CCU) from Bosch.


Continental to Build the Sion’s Motor

November 2018

November 22 – the preparations for series production are continuing. Continental, the world’s second largest automotive supplier, is partnering with Sono Motors to build the Sion’s motor.

In addition to the motor, the Sion’s drive unit consists of the power electronics and the transmission. Their integration into a single system unit reduces the size and weight of the drive system, thereby boosting the vehicle’s performance. The Sion’s range of 250 kilometers (255 kilometers under the WLTP standard) has also been confirmed in simulations. You can find details about the Sion’s motor in our information sheet.

13,000 Test Drives

October 2018

In 2017 and 2018, more than 13,000 test drives in 7 countries and more than 61 cities were completed with the Sion.

We Did It: 5,000 Preorders!

June 2018

Over 5,000 reservations from more than 30 different countries! In just two years, the idea and vision of three friends has grown into a community of inspired people. Together we’ve demonstrated what a vision can create when you have the will for it.

Sion to Receive Innovative LED Headlights

June 2018

After announcing our battery manufacturer in May 2018, we had the pleasure of announcing our partnership with Automotive Solutions Germany GmbH (ASG), a specialist in the development and series production of automotive lighting systems, at the beginning of June.

Expansion of the Management

June 2018

With Thomas, Isa, Roberto and Martin we were able to gain experienced experts from the automotive industry for our management. With this management team, we are well prepared to meet the challenges on our way to becoming a global mobility provider.

Sion Battery to Be Manufactured in Germany

May 2018

On May 9, we started a new chapter in Sono Motors’ history with the announcement of our battery supplier for series production.

Together with the established automotive supplier ElringKlinger, we’re developing and manufacturing the Sion’s beating heart – its battery – in Germany.


Release Event – A Roaring Success!

July 2017

On July 27, it was time. Time to finally present the Sion – an innovative, cost-effective electric car for daily use – to the world.

Almost 700 supporters as well as guests from politics, the media, and industry joined us for the event. The atmosphere was unbelievable.

Reports in the media all around the world jump-started preorders, which soared unimaginably the same evening.

A Completely New Prototype Design

April 2017

Your opinion counts. We asked for your feedback in multiple online surveys and received scores of suggestions and ideas for the Sion’s further development.

Our team burned the midnight oil on more than a few occasions as they incorporated your wishes and suggestions into the CAD model. We’re hoping to present the results at a large release event.

Prototype Construction

January 2017

We did it! Together with well-known partners in the automotive industry, we succeeded in developing two fully functioning prototypes in just seven months.

We’re extremely proud! A feat made possible thanks to our fantastic team.


Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

September 2016

It was unbelievable! We managed to raise over €820,000 through our crowdfunding campaign while newspapers, blogs, and magazines all around the world reported on us in detail.

Thanks to your incredible support, we dared to take the next step and construct the first Sion prototype.

A Company Is Born

January 2016

We established Sono Motors together with Navina in 2016. Navina contributed the design aspect to our then small team, giving Sono Motors a recognizable face. Our name, our logo, and, most significantly, our crowdfunding campaign are all the product of Navina. Thank you, Navina!

2012 – 2015


December 2015

We launched our project in Jona’s garage: the construction of a pre-prototype to prove that mobility can work differently and that renewable energies, like solar energy, can be a solution to conserve finite resources, such as oil, and protect the environment. We wanted to demonstrate to the world that it is technologically possible to integrate solar cells into a car and use solar energy to generate extra range self-sufficiently.

Day and night, we worked on our car – our vision. And then the time had come. Our pre-prototype was working. It drove its first few meters, and the feeling was indescribable!

A Phone Call That Changed Everything

October 2012

It all started with one critical phone call in which we, Jona and Laurin, discussed the wastefulness of oil consumption. There’s barely a resource more polarizing than oil. In spite of this, our mobility is still responsible for 61 percent of overall oil consumption – even though there are already alternatives available. This is why we decided to take matters into our own hands and bring about change.

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