With the Sion we offer a range of services, which ensure a exceptional motoring experience.

The goSono app combines three remarkable features of the Sion: powersharing, ridesharing and carsharing. By using your smartphone you can offer electricity or a ride with your Sion to others or lend your car for a certain time.
Thanks to the technology of bidirectional charging, called biSono, you can use the car as an independent power source. Your car becomes a mobile charging station for any electronic device. Moreover, you are able to charge other electric vehicles with a charging power of 6,6 kW.

With the Sono app, you can also share certain amounts of energy with other people. If somebody asks for access to your SION energy, you can grant it via the app. Just decide on how much power you are willing to pass on and at what price. Other app users will see your offer and the exact location of your car.
The integrated carsharing feature makes it really easy to share your Sion with other people. Use the goSono app to decide on how long you want to share your Sion. Once somebody sends a request he can reserve and unlock the car with your permission. With this feature everybody benefits from your Sion, including the environment and your walltet.
The integrated ridesharing feature makes it possible to reduce costs and emissions. You can offer your next road trip via the goSono app to other users. When they are interested in your offer they will send a request. Once you accept it they get a notice and you can pick them up. That way you meet new people, while earning some extra money and protecting the environment.
We developed a maintenance system which ensure low costs. The disclosure of our workshop manual allow the establishment of a broad network of services - and small expenses for you.
reSono is the maintenance system of the Sion. It enables low maintenance costs due to inexpensive spare parts. With one mouse click you can order most of the car`s components. Our workshop manual is freely accessible, whether you’re a private person or a car dealer.
With the help of our step-by-step manuals everybody should be able to repair the Sion, single-handed and for free. We will offer the instructions as videos and texts.
If you do not feel like repairing the Sion by yourself, just bring it to the next auto shop. Since we will unveil the complete workshop manual, every mechanic in the world should be able to repair the Sion.
This helps establishing a broadly developed service network from the very beginning on - and enables you an affordable repair.