Sion - Infinite Mobility

The Sion is the first electric car capable of recharging its batteries from the sun. From now on, you’ll have to worry about range a little less. For only 16.000 € excluding the battery.

With the dynamic integration of solar cells in the body work, we set new measures on the road while convincing with an exceptional design concept.


The full efficiency of the Sion is guaranteed by the lightweight design. The exterior is mainly made up of rust-proof polycarbonate. It further is scratch-resistant. The most unique feature in the body work are the solar cells, which are located on the roof, on both sides as on the hood and the rear.


We have kept the Sions interior very simple. The eyecatchers are the breSono air filter system and the infotainment, with a 10 inch screen.


For the cockpit we used a very simple design, showing you how fast you are going and the charging level of your battery. On the left side you can see the number of kilometers generated through the viSono System. After 24 hours, these kilometers will be transferred to the right side, where they are added to the total range left.
The Sion copes with the requirements of your daily life: A range of 250km, high power rapid charging, and a sophisticated interior concept with an optional trailer hitch.


The Sion is equipped with 330 integrated solar cells, which recharge the battery through the power of the sun. To protect them from harmful environmental influences we covered the solar cells with polycarbonate. It is shatterproof, light and particularly weather resistant. Under proper conditions the solar cells generate enough energy, to cover 30 kilometers per day with the Sion. We call this system viSono.


Thanks to the technology of bidirectional charging the Sion can not only generate but also provide energy. This feature turns the car into a mobile power station. Using a household plug, all common electronic devices with up to 2,7kW can be powered by the Sion. You can plug in your electronic devices and power them with the Sions battery. Over a type 2 plug the Sion can provide even more power with up to 7,6 kW.


For air filtering we integrated a special moss into the dashboard. It filters up to twenty percent of the fine dust particles and has a regulating effect on the humidity inside the Sion. No worries, you do not have to water it. It requires no special care at all.



The Sions battery has a range of 250km. We offer it with a monthly battery rate or an upfront battery purchase for approximately 4.000€.


Air Condition

The standard Sion will have an air condition. Air conditioning does a lot more than simply cool you down in summer. It also removes moisture from the air helping demist your windscreen in cold, wet weather hence improving driving visibility.


Trailer Hitch

With a towing capacity of up to 750 kg you can tow almost any trailer without problems. The 80 kW motor and single-speed transmission guarantee good traction, even in difficult terrain.



Safety is very important for us. Therefore the Sion comes with anti-lock brakes, alarm equipment, passenger and driver airbags and ESC.

We developed a maintenance system which ensure low costs. The disclosure of our workshop manual allow the establishment of a broad network of services - and small expenses for you.


reSono is the maintenance system of the Sion. It enables low maintenance costs due to inexpensive spare parts. With one mouse click you can order most of the cars components. Our workshop manual is freely accessible, whether you’re a private person or a car dealer.


The disclosure of the service manual creates a large repair network for the Sion.



With the help of our step-by-step manuals everybody should be able to repair the Sion, single-handed and for free. We will offer the instructions as videos and texts. If you do not feel like repairing the Sion by yourself, just bring it to the next auto shop. Since we will unveil the complete workshop manual, every mechanic in the world should be able to repair the Sion.

This helps establishing a broadly developed service network from the very beginning on – and enables you an affordable repair.