Sion – Endless Mobility

The Sion is the first mass-produced electric car that can charge its battery using solar power. All for €16,000, excluding battery.

We’re raising the bar. Not only is it an innovative idea to integrate solar cells into the exterior of a mass-produced electric car, there’s also a unique design concept that makes it truly impressive.


What makes the exterior truly exceptional are the solar cells located on both sides, the roof, the rear, and the hood. The Sion’s standout efficiency and long life are guaranteed through the use of lightweight components. The exterior, for example, consists primarily of highly durable polycarbonate.


Simply put, the Sion’s interior has been designed to be as clear and straightforward as possible. The cabin features our natural air-filter system, breSono, alongside the vehicle’s infotainment system that comes with a 10-inch display.


The dashboard’s cleanly structured and subtle design makes it easy for you to check up on all important information at once. There’s the speed and current charge level, and you also see a continuous display of how many extra kilometers your viSono system is generating, before they’re included in the total range display after 24 hours.
The Sion is the answer to all that is required of an electric car that needs to stand the test of everyday use: a range of 250 kilometers, fast charging, a carefully designed interior, and an optional tow bar. The large trunk means you’ll find it a breeze to get your shopping done. Over the following pages, we’ll show you what makes the Sion genuinely unique.


viSono is based on the idea of capturing energy from the sun. The solar cells in the car’s body mean that the Sion can easily charge its battery by itself throughout the day. The result is that the Sion can generate up to 30 kilometers’ extra range per day, completely free of charge. Of course you can also drive the Sion at night. After all, the battery has an actual range of 250 kilometers and can also be charged externally, regardless of the weather conditions. We use highly efficient, monocrystalline silicon cells for the solar modules. A total of 330 cells generate a maximum power of 1,204 watts with 24 percent efficiency. This means you can also swap the modules simply and without a problem.


Thanks to the bidirectional charging technology, the Sion can draw and store energy and, moreover, share it too. A regular, household electrical plug (SchuKo) can be used to power all common electronic devices up to 3.7 kW. The Sion can deliver even more power when using a Type 2 plug. You will then be able to power other electric cars and heavy duty devices with up to 11 kW. Combined with viSono, the Sion can be your power plant on wheels.


Breathe! We’ve integrated a special moss into the dashboard for the breSono air-filtration system. It uses electrostatic gravitation to filter up to 20 percent of particulate matter out of the air, while providing positive effects for the temperature and humidity inside the Sion. You don’t even have to lift a finger. The moss takes care of itself.


The lithium-ion battery is water-cooled and has a range of 250 kilometers. You can either purchase it at a monthly rate or for a one-time payment of approximately €4,000.

Air Conditioning
The Sion’s standard equipment will feature air conditioning. Air conditioning does more than simply cool you down during summer. It also removes moisture from the air, helping demist your windshield in cold and wet weather, hence improving driving visibility.

Trailer Hitch
With a towing capacity of approximately 750 kg, you can tow small trailers without problem. The 80 kW engine and single-speed transmission guarantee good traction, even in difficult terrain.

Safety is very important to us. Therefore, the Sion comes with ABS brakes, alarm equipment, passenger and driver airbags as well as ESC.

We’ve developed a maintenance system that keeps costs as low as possible. By publishing our workshop handbook, we will make it possible to establish an extensive service network while keeping costs low for you.


reSono comes from the word “repair” and stands for the Sion’s intelligently designed maintenance system – a system that keeps repair and maintenance costs affordable. You can order almost any Sion part online, and our workshop handbook is available for anyone to view, whether they’re a private individual or a business owner.


By publishing a workshop handbook, we enable the establishment of an extensive network of independent mechanics for the Sion.


An instructional video and catalog to back it up mean that you’ll generally be able to install replacement parts in the car yourself. Of course you can also take your Sion to a mechanic to have parts replaced or repairs carried out. Because our workshop handbook is freely accessible, we enable a network of workshops to offer you repairs and service at affordable prices.