Taking matters into 
our own hands.

Who We Are

We believe in mobility free of fossil fuels. We want every car to be electric and shared. Driven by this vision, Sono Motors was founded in 2016. Today, our company prides itself in having an experienced team of engineers, designers, technicians, and industry experts who are developing and building a forward-looking electric car that is suitable for daily use, with integrated solar cells and innovative mobility services.


Jona oversees the corporate IT and product strategy at Sono Motors. For him, climate protection, resource conservation and a responsible treatment of our planet are top priorities.

Jona Christians

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Laurin is in charge of the areas of corporate strategy and legal & compliance. A serial entrepreneur with focus on climate-friendly and resource-conserving mobility.

Laurin Hahn

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

As a founder, Navina established the Sono Motors brand in 2016. Until 2020 she continued to evolve our visual language with a strong focus on Sono Digital and Sono's mobility services. She is passionate about female entrepreneurship and female empowerment. In 2019, she has been selected to the 50 most influential women in automotive industry.

Navina Pernsteiner



We're developing the Sion together with well-known partners in the automotive industry.

Sono Motors in Numbers


13,083 preorders for the Sion (Last Update: 01/06/2021)


Production with 100% renewable energies in the former SAAB factory in Sweden


More than 13,000 test drives with our prototypes in 65 european cities


257,000 Sion are being produced


Driven by a vision the company was founded in 2016 by three friends


Over 400 People work on this project