Taking Matters Into 
Our Own Hands.

We Value You and Your Voice

We want to create a working environment where employees do not just feel heard but also like they belong. Therefore, our company language is English. In our decision-making, we count on the variety of impulses, voices, perspectives, and experiences which characterizes our diverse international team. Working in an inviting, supportive environment does not just make us happier but also more productive. That is how we can change the world around us for the long term.

What We Believe In

We are convinced that success will only be possible if you trust the people. We believe that intuition matters. That every single person wants to contribute. That while there may be a hierarchy of professional roles, there cannot be a hierarchy among people. And that ownership is an outdated concept and sharing is the future.

How We Are Organized

To promote personal responsibility, we have developed our structures largely according to the principles of self-organization. We work in circles, groups, squads, and clusters, which are subdivided by different products, services, skills, and responsibilities. Any of these teams has the freedom and the responsibility to determine their own internal methods and structures in a purposeful manner.

These structures allow us to take the various teams’ needs into consideration. Moreover, they allow us to focus on value generation, to react to changes faster, and to make competency-based decisions.

Whether you prefer suits or hoodies, early starts or late-nighters, working from home or at the office, at the reception desk or on the management board – what matters is your contribution to our company’s mission.

How We Work and Communicate

Our communication is characterized by two key factors: transparency and constructive critical thinking. We maintain a number of platforms, Slack channels, and blog posts inviting you to join the discussion. Our focus in all of that is to find out how we advance as a company and where there is still room for improvement regarding our goals. To make sure we do not lose sight of these goals, we work with objectives and key results across the entire company. The respective developments are presented at regular intervals at our all-staff meetings.

That is also where we learn together from our mistakes and show our appreciation of the work of others. Apart from sprint reviews and daily stand-ups, another integral part of our culture is retrospectives. That way, we do not just focus exclusively on the results of our performance but make a conscious effort to concentrate on common learning and collaboration.

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