16,000 Sion: over 1,000 reservations in just a week

By Julius

9th November 2021

What a week! We already have something to celebrate together just days after we announced the planned price increase - reaching 16,000 reservations! We’re so pleased that so many people used the opportunity so quickly. Thank you for your support and trust!

Incidentally, the average Sion payment is around €2,500 net. Were every Sion already fully paid for, the total order value would be around 342 million euros net.

We had originally announced that the price adjustment would take place on 15 November, unless we reach 16,000 reservations before then. As we achieved this in just a matter of days, we have brought the adjustment into effect. For those who reserved on time, the old price still applies, at €25,500 gross. The new price now applies for any new reservations - €28,500 gross.

Sion reservations come predominantly from Germany and the DACH region. Currently, however, we are registering an increasing number of payments from countries like France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Portugal. So, here’s to the next 16,000!

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