Here are the highlights from Celebrate the Sun

By Sarah

10th August 2022

A day to remember! After years of development, we finally had the honor of presenting the Sion in its finished production design on 25 July 2022. Another key milestone that we couldn’t have reached without you - our Community. Thank you to everyone who was part of the event and who accompanied and supported us on our journey. It is because of you that we are where we are today.

That’s why it was also a great pleasure for us to surprise you with a second premiere at the event: the presentation of the Solar Bus Kit. This complete and efficient solar retrofit solution for diesel buses is designed to save even more fuel. This project ensures that we really are making every vehicle a solar vehicle.

For us it was very special to be able to share these two premieres with more than 1,500 people live, on site and more than 8,600 people online. A day full of emotions, impressions and exchanges with the Community that continue to inspire us. We are completely overjoyed!

A special moment - presenting the production design of the Sion to the Sono community.
A special moment - presenting the production design of the Sion to the Sono community.

Because it was so special, we have created a summary of the event for you. Click here to go directly to the video, where you can see all the highlights of the day again. If you couldn't be there live or online, you can also find the recording of the premiere here.

Thank you for all your support and this uniqe experience!

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