Manufacturing Update: Prototypes On the Home Stretch

By Sono Motors

1st December 2020

We are fully focusing on the manufacturing of the prototypes to complete production before the end of this year, as promised. In late October we provided the last update in this regard, so we thought you might like some new impressions. With the assembly of the wheels, the construction of the chassis is finished. What are our next and final steps? Read it here! 

In addition to the installation of the chassis, we have made further progress in the last few weeks. Among other things, the high-voltage system was installed in the vehicle and successfully put into operation. One central component of this is the onboard charger, i.e. the device to which all high-voltage components of the vehicle are connected. These include, for example, the high-voltage battery that drives the vehicle and the high-voltage air-conditioning compressor that compresses the refrigerant for the air-conditioning circuit.

Wheel mounts of the prototype

Our team has also installed the MPPT Central Unit (MCU). It enables the traction battery to be charged with the energy the Sion generates from the sun. This means that the high-voltage system for the powertrain can also be supplied with energy while driving. If you would like to learn more about this technological miracle, we recommend reading this blog post

Hands-on-mentality at Roding

We have also been able to integrate the engine from our partner Continental. These are already the same components as in series production. Continental has supplied the vehicle control unit (VCU) with the necessary software and put it into operation for the first time. The Vehicle Control Unit plays a central role because it operates the vehicle's drive train and coordinates the tasks of various control units. 

Cable management is a central issue when building prototypes

With the installation of the most important components of the drive system, the steering as well as the electrics and electronics, we set off on our first maiden voyage on the test site in Roding.

"For the whole team, this was really a special moment," explains Philipp Oberberger, responsible for the management of the prototype development. "In prototype construction, this is the one-time occasion when we are able to see the planning, development and theoretical tests of the past months put into practice," Philipp continues.

On our social media channels, we already shared some visual insights into the manufacturing process of the Sion’s body and the integration of the solar modules. Today, we can proudly announce that the tailgate, doors and hood are now mounted on the vehicle. During the last weeks we have also been working on the interior. The dashboard as well as other interior components are currently being installed in order to ensure all necessary safety guidelines for future test drives and to ensure good driving comfort.

Work on the interior has already been started

To be honest, we cannot wait to share the final results with all of you. It's great seeing how the new prototypes are being put together step by step. Now, it's only a matter of days before we can finally present them to you.

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