Sion Prototype Reveal at the Consumer Electronics Show 2021

By Julius

28th January 2021

Wow - our first time at the Consumer Electronics Show was a truly special moment for us. We are very happy that we received so many exciting reactions and questions from people all over the world. By the way, for those who couldn't watch it live, we have prepared a playlist with all the videos. Spoiler: the new prototypes are shown there, too!

In our second prototype, we have already installed parts that are intended for series production. These either come from series suppliers or are near-series components. For us, this is a big step forward, especially since we were able to successfully implement the electric drive unit, the chassis, and the MPPT Central Unit, which are all intended for series production. In addition, all straight and curved exterior parts of the Sion were equipped with solar panels

We would like to thank all the people who supported us during the CES. The very positive feedback strengthens us in our vision and pushes us to continuously do our best every day. Thank you! 

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