Why the World Needs the Sion

By Laurin

12th January 2023

Global warming and climate change – just 20 years ago this seemed quite far away for most of us. For some, it still seems to be. But the fact is, the climate crisis has long since arrived. It’s on our doorstep. Not in the global south, not at the polar ice caps, but here in Germany.

And everywhere else in the world: unusual highs of up to 20°C in winter in Europe. Freezing cold and blizzards in the USA with lows of minus 45°C. Not enough snow in the Alps, floods around the globe. Climate change is happening and none of us is immune to its effects anymore. Scientists agree that what we are experiencing right now is merely the precursor to a global change that is transforming all of our lives and threatening our livelihoods. 

The lion's share of this transformation is caused by one thing – the burning of fossil fuels, especially crude oil. We burn most of this finite resource for one of our greatest passions –  mobility. Whether driving, flying, or transporting goods, getting from A to B using crude oil has a devastating impact on the global climate. 

To finally end this, we need real solutions now. Solutions that rethink mobility in a new and holistic way. Solutions for the masses and not just for the top 1%. 

The Mobility Revolution on Wheels

For us, such a solution looks like this – climate-friendly mobility for all via a shareable, everyday solar electric car, the Sion.

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And here's how it can contribute:

  • A fair price of €29,900. Cheaper than comparable electric vehicles and affordable for the average vehicle owner.
  • Solar integration for cost and emission-free range – because the sun doesn't send a bill. This also reduces the need to charge, making the Sion potentially one of the most climate-friendly electric vehicles in the world. 
  • Bidirectional charging for maximum independence on the road and at home. The Sion supplies power to others and also functions as a home storage system. This is intended to support the stabilization of grids and accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy. 
  • The Sion can be shared via app. In this way, we want to give even more people access to climate-friendly mobility. Integrated car sharing is intended to relieve urban traffic infrastructures and enables us to use our cars much more efficiently.

In short, for us the Sion is the mobility revolution on wheels. 

A solution the world needs now. Practical and climate-friendly for the everyday lives of millions of people.

sono sion, family car, solar car, sono motors, sion,

The Sion offers space and comfort for families, has a modern infotainment system and an intuitive and practical design. It is, so to speak, the Swiss Army knife among EVs, not the expensive designer handbag. And if it ever comes down to it, we have a reliable and renowned service partner in BOSCH at our side to take care of repairs and maintenance. In fact, nothing should stand in the way of a climate-friendly solution like this. 

Only Together 

Although the Sion appears to be the perfect solution to so many problems, we are struggling to finance production in the current economic climate. 

A global pandemic, high inflation rates and a destructive war in Europe have led to unstable financial markets. In addition, financial markets and even entire governments are once again investing large amounts of money in oil and gas. New infrastructures and plants are being built to process and burn even more fossil fuels.

These decisions actively accelerate climate change and prevent the self-imposed climate targets, such as the all-important 1.5 degree target. Important innovations and climate-friendly technologies that could help combat the climate crisis are being neglected by decision-makers. When politicians, investors and corporations refuse to take responsibility at this critical moment, we must act – as a community.

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We believe in this solution, but we have to fight for it – with all the means at our disposal. We need €100,000,000, we have already raised over €40,000,000. This is incredible, but still not enough. 

We now have 14 days left to turn the tide and show the world that the Sion is the solution we believe in. In the last few weeks, we have already achieved incredible things. Almost 8,000 supporters have made this campaign one of the largest in the world. The feedback from our tour is clear: "get the Sion on the road!"

But to do that, we need one last push. We need all of you – yes, you too! Because only together can we take on the responsibility that others shirk. Only together can we stand up for a better future. And only together can we change the world. 

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