Here Are the Results of Our Sion Design Survey

By Julius

25th February 2021

As you know, we are a community-oriented company. That means we try to incorporate feedback from our supporters into our daily work whenever possible. Even though we are well advanced in the development of the Sion, we still wanted to know how the design of the Sion is received by the people out there. After all, small changes are still possible without jeopardizing the schedule or having to change tools.

We, therefore, published two surveys and want to share the results with you today. Our questions were not intended to preview possible updates (e.g. battery, ADAS, etc.). Some of your answers also help us to better understand the market and what our supporters want. They also help us to constantly improve. We received a total of more than 20,000 responses from you - a great resource in developing the best possible Sion. 

We have passed on the results directly to our engineers and summarized them for you in this document. We hope you find them as insightful as we do!

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